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Best Things to do in Port Charlotte that are Eco Friendly

Port Charlotte, FL, and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Islands offer a wonderful mix of activities that are relaxing and educational while staying stimulating enough to keep everyone entertained. Let me share my experience with you as well as our favorite things to do in Port Charlotte that are Eco Friendly.

I live in Miami and planned a fun weekend getaway to Port Charlotte. Miami is roughly a 3-hour drive from Port Charlotte, making it accessible for a regular weekend excursion.

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Port Charlotte beach in Florida

Eco Fun Things to do in Port Charlotte

An important part of any perfect day, or any vacation for that matter, is that at the end of day, everyone should be happy. If you have a family and kids, or even just a significant other, that’s not always easy.

We decided to head out on a Friday night after traffic died down a little, landing us in Port Charlotte at roughly 10:30PM in pitch darkness (something we aren’t used to in light-polluted Miami).

Where to Stay in Port Charlotte: Conch Out Vacations

Port Charlotte Condo. Conch Out Vacations

Having made prior arrangements with, we had only to grab our key from a lockbox and soon we were drop-jawed while gazing at our palatial and elegant 3 bedroom, 3500 square foot condo overlooking the gulf waters.

It was so nice to feel like we were in a second home, rather than a hotel, and when we woke up Saturday morning with subtle waves crashing against the beautiful shoreline now known as our backyard, we were surprised to find a well-appointed breakfast basket with fresh baked quiche, fruits and breads waiting at our door (a standard courtesy of Conch Out Vacations).

I’m talking “Penthouse Suite at the Waldorf” style treatment for less than the price of normal chain hotel room. And remember, three bedrooms means room for sharing with other families or couples, making it super affordable and a great ‘get together’ spot. The balcony overlooking the water was bigger than our whole living room back home and made for great sunset/evening conversation over drinks with friends.

Pontoon Boat & Kayak Tour of the Gulf Islands

As tempted as we were to just stretch out and relax in our new palace, we had an appointment with Botanist and Marine Captain Kathryn Preston, for a pontoon boat/kayak tour of the Gulf Islands.

The pontoon boat is luxury method of getting out to the islands where you can then kayak amongst the mangrove islands (versus spending an hour each way in the open harbor to get out to the good stuff), and is just the right speed for youngsters or dare I say, slightly hung-over adults, to enjoy this beautiful and ecologically diverse expanse of mangrove clusters and the wildlife they provide a home to.

Port Charlotte swamp in Florida

Skipper Kathryn provides subtle and poignant information relating to the area’s vegetation and wildlife, including blue herons, tarpon fish, snook, gulls, and pelicans, all of which made their presence felt regularly throughout our trip. Kathryn’s beautiful, piercing blue eyes and peaceful, loving nature, make the trip a total joy.

Her love and understanding of plants made me feel for the first time that I was amongst plants as living breathing creatures rather than future pieces of firewood or furniture. The voyage was really relaxing but interesting at the same time, even keeping our 4-year old daughter engaged over the course of a 2-hour trip (that alone deserves a medal outright).

Grilling Heaven

Now chefs, listen up because it’s time for a little ‘grilling heaven’. The pool deck of the condo backs right to the water, similar to Malibu, and has a nice grilling deck with not one, but two stainless steel propane grills. Fire them both up, and grill up some fresh fish, eggplant, baby green onions, peppers, potatoes and zucchini with olive oil, garlic, lemon, sea salt and cracked pepper.

The backdrop and sound of crashing waves, with that fresh ocean smell wafting amongst the grilled onions and fish, while your family enjoys the pool and ocean just feet away, makes for one the best grilling experiences you will ever have. It was so surreal that I honestly felt like I was the star of a ‘Weber Grill meets Thompson’s water seal’ commercial.

After some afternoon grilling and swimming bliss, it’s time for some fun with the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs, co-owned by the great Cal Ripken. I hadn’t been to a baseball game in a while, and it was nice to watch the game played at a hungrier and more down-to-earth level, while enjoying the usual Americana game-fare like hotdogs and peanuts/popcorn.

The cool thing was that there are also two big age-specific playgrounds for the baseball disenchanted, and fireworks after the game to bring everyone back together at the end of the night.

Muscle Car Museum in Punta Gorda

On your way back home the next day, save a little time to stop in at the Muscle Car Museum in Punta Gorda, where in short time you can see 200 vintage ’50s to early ’70’s muscle cars of movie or popular fame all under one roof.

This trip in beautiful Port Charlotte and The Gulf Islands had luxury, eco-education, relaxation, and a little something for everyone, making it, in my opinion, perfect.

Map of Port Charlotte

Where is Port Charlotte Florida? It’s located in Southwest Florida roughly 30 miles north of Fort Myers and 40 miles south of Sarasota on the gulf coast of Florida.

This map of Port Charlotte Florida shares distances from several other popular Florida towns and cities including

Port Charlotte to Fort Myers, Port Charlotte to Tampa as well as to Miami.

things to do in port charlotte fl
things to do in port charlotte

map of port charlotte

Miami is roughly a 3 hour drive from Port Charlotte

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