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Joe Teskie is a freelance internet development and marketing consultant by day, and moonlights as a DJ, percussionist and freelance writer by night. He has traveled extensively in Asia and the United States as well as the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Colombia, and has lived in WI, TN, CA, Japan, MD, VA, NYC, and now Miami, FL. A self-proclaimed “foodie”, Joe has had the pleasure of “insider-tip” eating at many of the world's best eateries (both expensive and in back alley’s alike).


Eco-Discovery in Port Charlotte

An important part of any perfect day, or any vacation for that matter, is that at the end of day, everyone should be happy. If you have a family and kids, or even just a significant other, that’s not always easy.

Port Charlotte, FL and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Islands offer a wonderful mix of activities that are relaxing and educational while staying stimulating enough to keep everyone entertained. Due to the current economic environment, there are some amazing luxury condominiums up for grabs at some sweet rates that allow your pocket book to stay happy too.

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Hipster Voodoo, French Burgundy and Maple-Pork Madness in Unassuming Portland

On a recent business trip I experienced an unexpected perfect day that snuck up on me like serendipitous rain shower during a forest fire. When I first heard about my assignment to Portland, Oregon, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much, since the only thing I knew about the city was that Clyde Drexler could dunk a mean basketball, and that apparently the last census had proven Portland as the “least ethnically diverse city in America”.

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Natural Beauty and Amazing Food in Siesta Key

Sorry Walt, but right in your backyard there is a place better than Disney World, and no matter how hard you must have tried, you just can’t beat Mother Nature.

Siesta Key Beach, only a scenic hour’s drive from the airport in Tampa, was recently rated 2nd in "America’s Best Beaches of 2009", by Dr. Beach (a well-respected professor of environmental studies who has been featured on ‘Oprah’ and has published his findings since 1991).

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Miami… Vice Style

When I think of the many great TV shows from my childhood, one thing comes to mind – great opening sequences. Who can forget Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari roaring off onto the highway, or the cool brown and orange two-seat helicopter soaring in and around the volcanic mountains of Hawaii. Of course, we can’t mention Magnum P.I. without conjuring thoughts of Hawaii…Five-O that is, with the thundering waves and hula-dancers.

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Food-Time Stands Still In Miami

I have to admit right from the start of this article – I eat meat. That might make you think I’m not worthy of writing this article, and rightfully so. But I do practice conscious breathing, attend yoga classes once in a while and have read the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle, Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh, and The Tao of the Jump Shot by John Fitzsimmons Mahony.

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Live Music – Alive in Miami

Video may have killed the radio star, but now "The DJ" is on trial for attempted murder in many places across the country. The alleged victim – live music. Music created by humans, for humans, in real time, where there is eye contact, smiles, nods of appreciation, and bursts of clapping and dancing when that "feeling" just can’t be contained any longer.

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