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Hi, I’m Alexa

I started as a freelance writer when my son was a baby as a creative outlet. I have now been a full-time travel blogger for 10 years, which has quenched my love of both writing and traveling! I’m focused on travel in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico, but feature destinations from around the world! It’s my mission to show you how can you turn your travel dreams into reality.

I was born in Paris, France, but that is a small part of my journey and where I have lived, which includes Chicago, many places in Southern California, Portland, Oregon and now Kansas City, Missouri.

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If you dream it, you can achieve it. And by “it,” I mean your dream vacation or travel adventure. Click on any of the below circles to start planning your next trip or to find travel inspiration.

Plan Your Dream Vacation

Whether you want to head to the white sands of Aruba, zipline in Hawaii, visit a luxury spa in Mexico, or explore wineries in Paso Robles, I have the perfect travel inspiration. So, will it be beach, wine, adventure or luxury for your next adventure?

Plan a European Vacation

Whether you want to cruise down the Danube on a European River Cruise, visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, explore castles in Ireland, visit Germany for Oktoberfest, savor tapas in Spain or ride the double-decker red bus in London, we have your travel inspiration!

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Mexico Travel Ideas

Whether you want to snorkel with whale sharks, climb ancient Mayan ruins, savor some of the best food in the world or simply enjoy a luxury resort, Mexico offers adventure, beauty and relaxation. 

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USA Travel Ideas

Whether you want to plan a dream vacation in Hawaii, take a California road trip, explore the Chicago foodie scene, find the quirkiest towns in Texas, forage for mushrooms in Oregon or visit the Grand Canyon, we have amazing adventures throughout the USA to read about!