Best Travel Items for 2022 & Great Gifts for Travelers

This article shares the latest travel gear. We rounded up the latest fun finds and a list of the BEST travel accessories every traveler should have to save money, time, and space in 2022.

Just practical and real stuff here. This is a list for the everyday traveler looking for the newest products, gadgets, and best travel items. Below are also great travel gifts for travelers. So, if you are ready to start your holiday shopping, you’ll find some of the best travel gear gifts for the holiday. 

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The Best Travel Accessories To Travel Smart in 2020

Best Travel Items for 2022 & Great Gifts for Travelers

Travel Bags

Travel Tote

Pac Safe Tote for Travel
Photo credit: PacSafe

The versatile Pacsafe Women’s Citysafe Cx Anti Theft Packable Horizontal Tote can convert from a full-size large tote to a compact purse. The tote is roomy enough that it can carry a sweater and other items needed for a full-day trek. With secure zippers and multiple closures, this bag can protect a traveler’s belongings, as well as their identity. The RFID blocking pouch can also double as a clutch.  

Travel Day Bag

Pack along Kaleido Concepts’ Everyday Shopper Tote expands for a day bag when traveling, as well as serving as an additional bag to carry souvenirs home. When not in use, the bag folds into its own pouch and takes up almost no space in one’s luggage. 

Travel Shoes and Travel Clothes 

Most Comfortable Travel Shoes

Arcopédico Vegas travel shoe

Arcopedico shoes are some of the most comfortable travel shoes around. In particular, the new leather-strap “Vegas” shoes slip on and off with ease during TSA screenings. The Vegas features a leather upper with criss-cross elastic straps allowing for ease to slip on and off but creates a secure, comfortable fit. 

One huge benefit to this style is they look great with slacks and skirts, so they can be the only shoe needed on many trips. The sole provides ultimate comfort on both sides of the foot with the patented dual-arch support system promotes an even distribution of weight over the entire plantar surface.

Travel Socks

Those interested in minimalistic footwear that offer the comfort of socks and the protection of shoes might want to pick up a pair of Skinners travel socks. This lightweight and durable footwear conforms to the body and works perfectly for traveling on a long haul plane flight or overnight train trip, going for a run or walk, engaging in water sports, and other activities where one would like to give one’s feet a chance to breathe while also keeping them protected. 

Another item to help keep one’s feet comfortable, pack along Formé. This shoe shaper can stretch and shape any type of show up to 1/2 size, thus creating a bit more room when one’s feet get a bit swollen after too much travel or want to minimize the wrinkles and creases that can happen when packing shoes.

Keep keys and coins secure with Pocket Socks. Choose from over the calf or crew sock options.

Travel Clothes

Photo Credit: Club Ride Apparel

For clothes designed for active travelers while also retaining a business casual style, check out the range of offerings from Club Ride Apparel available in both women and men’s sizes. Their pants, shorts, and shirts come in a sport fit for a more tailored look or a comfort fit designed for layering and a slightly more casual look. This line’s quick-dry fabric keeps one dry, and work very well when one needs to wash an item overnight for use the next day. Some items come with UPF protection and reflective accents that keep one visible while cycling and other nighttime activities while blending in well with the item’s overall design.

De-Wrinkler Tool for Travel

Another useful shower option is the Steam Clip, which allows travelers to easily steam out any wrinkles in a garment using the heat from the hotel shower. Use steam from a hotel shower to get rid of wrinkles instead of fighting with an iron. Works on all shower types and all hotels style hangers (even the dreaded ball-top).

Packing Gadgets and Accessories

Packing Cubes & Organizers

One of the best travel accessories to travel smart in 2020 is using packing cubes. And yes, this isn’t a new concept, but it’s a secret weapon for many. So, choose to up your packing cube game! If you are into packing smart and organized The 4 pc. Amazon packing cube set is a great starter set. You can also use packing cubes for shoes and so much more. There are quite a food pack cubes on the market and I recommend choosing high-quality packing cubes as they will last a lifetime.

I also suggest getting these cord organizers from Amazon. This electronics accessories organizer is specifically designed for travelers and might just change your life!

Having cute little toiletry bags and such are always going to make life easier.

Luggage Handle

The Demi Hugger is a soft lightweight stretchable strap that attaches to the suitcase handle and then securely hugs items like coats, pillows, and tote bags. So one can easily move through airports and train terminals knowing all one’s items are secure. 

Travel Gear & Tech Items

Solar Charger

The Wandered Solar Charger from Elios is a lightweight 10000mAh rechargeable power bank that can charge two devices simultaneously. As this device can be charged with a micro-USB adapter or 4 folding solar panels, travelers can keep their electronics charged even when electrical power is not available. The waterproof package prevents spills and weather from damaging the device. 

Portable Chargers & SIM Cards

Stay plugged in with the Bracketron Roadtripper travel pack. Inside this pack’s compact durable traveling case is a micro-USB cable with a Lightning adapter, so travelers can charge almost all electronic devices. Also included is a car charger and a compact holder for mounting a smartphone when driving. 

Avoid switching SIM cards while traveling with a KnowRoaming SIM card which can be used in over 200 countries. Unlike some international SIM cards, this plan can be used in the United States. Choose a global data plan offering a range of sizes and dates, or go with a pay-as-you-go option. Also, they offer a eSIM data plan for users with eSIM compatible phones and gadgets. 

Packing along a Charge Tab provides emergency power to iPhone and Android smartphones when one wants to travel light. As these repurposed batteries can be recycled, they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries. 

Travel Headphones

The Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth over the ear Hi-Fi stereo headphones has deep bass and built-in microphone. At a cost of $59.99, these headphones are geared for those looking for a low-cost option to block out ambient sound while traveling. 

Travel Eye Mask

Those who have difficulty falling asleep even with eye masks might want to try the Dreamlight Ease. This plush mask uses 3D facial mapping technology that can fit on different face types without any light leakage.

Hybrid Travel Pillow
Photo credit:

Travel Pillow

Avoid lugging along a bulky travel pillow with the Hybrid Travel Pillow. Unlike most inflatable pillows, this pillow is made with memory foam so it feels luxurious and molds to the contours of one’s body. When deflated, the pillow packs down to a palm-size pouch thus making it very easy to pack into one’s carryon bag.

RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

Travelon’s latest offerings included a RFID Blocking Family Passport Wallet that can hold up to six passports along with a pouch for currency and 4 card slots. 

Ditch the Ziploc! G Force Pouches

Also, from G-Force comes a line of spill-proof pouches that close similar to a ziplock bag. These pouches are clear enough that they can pass through TSA inspection but strong enough that they won’t leak in transit.


Demi hugger luggage strap
Photo credit: Demi hugger

Travel Razor

For easy shaving on the go even when water is not available, check out the Sphynx razor. This circular shaving device includes a refillable water spray bottle, two triple-blade razor cartridges, and a shea butter moisturizing bar.

Self-Cleaning Travel Washcloth

Combine razor with the Lunatec fast-drying and odor-free washcloth with a light exfoliating texture that can clean away sweat, grime, and sunblock. The travel washcloth is ideal for long-haul flights, train travel as well as camping.

Travel Towels

Towels are one of the most important things to take care of your personal hygiene. A perfect travel towel will protect you from bacteria and germs. Mizu Towel is the world’s first bacteria-detecting towel. Its color-changing strips detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites. While its proprietary technology allows it to dry 3x faster than the average towel.

Travel Toiletry Organizer

Travelon features a set of four see-through mesh pouches available in different sizes that make it easy to organize and find toiletries and other small items when traveling. 

Photo credit: Bestek

Travel Toothbrush

Those who like using an electronic toothbrush should consider taking the BESTEK electric toothbrush with them on their next trip. With built-in 800mAh lithium batteries, this toothbrush can last more than three weeks on one full charge, and can then get fully charged by plugging it in for ten hours.

The accompanying travel case with a micro-USB port charges the toothbrush by placing it in the case and plugging it into a USB port.


Streamline your makeup bag when traveling with Skin Suit. Their tinted moisturizers for both face and lips contain SPF, as well as keep one’s skin refreshed and hydrated while on the go. SkinSuit™ is a family of products designed to boost skin immunity and well-being with advanced antioxidants and nourishing hydration.

Travel Deodorant

Keep dry and fresh the natural way with  Crystal’s Travel Deoderant. At only 1.5 ounces, this item takes up very little room and can offer natural mineral protection from orders without chemicals and residue. 

For those who want to be sure they’re covered when they use the restroom, check out The Restroom Kit. It contains enough toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, and a seat cover for one to go when no supplies are on hand. 

Great Travel Accessories for Road Trips

Here are a few other travel items and must-have travel essentials that can help make traveling easier. 

Vehicle & Airplane Device Holder

The Airhook 2.0 can work with an airplane tray table, luggage handlebars or a vehicle headrest to provide hands-free support for a tablet and drinks. A stabilizer bar keeps the Airhook secure by creating a clamping effect to a tray table while a convertible mode enables the user to fold down the drink holder when not in use.

Cargo Box for Road Trips

Keep items free from water and dust with YETI’s LoadOut GoBox. This sturdy and durable box comes with a removable caddy for small items, a compartment divider, and a deployable pouch. Even though this durable item can withstand the extremes in temperature, it’s lightweight enough that it can be easily transported by one person. 

Many of the items on this list were discovered at the annual Travel Goods Show, which represents a chance for industry pros to preview the latest travel gear designed to help deal with the rigors of traveling.

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