Become a Travel Writer For 52 Perfect Days!

We are currently accepting submissions from writers & photographers for all locations. Whether this is your first submission or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’d love for you to pitch us your story idea. At this time, we accept original unpublished work.

52 Perfect Days represents an opportunity to get your voice and work “out there”. We are looking for articles that are high quality, informative, and fun to read. 

Travel Blogger on Assignment

Guest Posts: If you are looking to receive additional exposure for your writing and showcase your travel adventures we’d love to help you build your portfolio! Are you looking for quality links back to your travel blog? You do not need to have been published before. 


  • 800 words minimum – the longer the better  
  • At least three photos at 1200 pixels wide and one Pinterest photos at 1000×1500 pixels for these columns:
    A. Perfect Day Article: 
    B. Food Round Up:
    C. 52 Tips:
  • Make sure to utilize spell check before sending your post(s)
  • We ask you do not submit previously published online articles unless….. it is revised/updated with a new title, first and last paragraph.
  • Posts will be promoted on all of the 52 Perfect Days social media outlets.
  • You will be tagged on Twitter when promoting your article/s.
  • The story will appear under your author byline. Your author biography will be included at the end of the article with links to your website and social accounts.
  • We reserve the right to edit your post for head tags, punctuation, grammar, etc.
  • Absolutely no affiliate links in your posts

TIP 1! Review our Destination section and read the stories we have up on the website. Make sure to pitch an idea that hasn’t already been published on the site.

Interested? Here’s what to do!

  1. Review the website to understand the type of stories we publish. Also, do a search on the site and make sure your story idea is original and has not already been published here. 
  2. Email alexa at with your story ideas. 
    IMPORTANT: Your email subject line should be: 52 Perfect Days Contributor
  3. Once your story idea has been accepted, a contributor account will be created.
  4. You’ll then be able to add your contributor information with a photo, a brief biography about yourself and links to your website and social media accounts.
  5. Next, you’ll upload your proofread article of 800+ words and a minimum of 5 photos at 1,200 pixels wide.
    In the article please include: tips for where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also include your top suggestions for what to do including attractions, tours, etc. Please also include a few suggestions of “Where to Stay” (budget or hostel, mid-range, and luxury). Please also include the best time to visit the destination and a few “Fun Facts” about the destination (at least 5). 
    Here is an example of a good post: Tip 2: Review our articles and format your story the same way. We like short paragraphs, subheads between every few paragraphs, and lots of photos with detailed captions.
  6. Please name your jpgs such as cityname-countryname-description before uploading. When you upload the photo add the alt tag as a sentence. Save as draft when you are done for review. (Do not publish the article).
  7. Link policy: If you have any relevant links for the article, add them at the bottom. Prior to publishing, they will be reviewed and any links that are best for SEO and the reader experience will be included. I can’t promise links you include will be added to the article.

Writers Tips: We are looking for travel writing contributions that focus on one perfect day. Please offer original ideas that would be interesting to locals and visitors. Submissions should offer a full day of activity including where to eat, go, and what to see, etc. Nightlife submission should offer a full evening of ideas. The Food category is the only section we accept submissions that stray from a full day of experiences and can either be submitted as a ’round-up’ piece such as where to find the best pizza, tea, chocolate in town or as a full day of culinary delights.

Questions about grammar and such? I highly suggest reading The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E. B. White


Keywords are the words the reader would use to search for the subject of your article online. Your keywords include words that appear in the title and words within the article that directly relate to the subject. They should appear about once every 80 to 100 words, falling naturally into the copy.

When choosing words, consider how you would search for your article or subject on the Internet. Think of quotes or phrases, not simply the name of something.

For example, an article on “A Perfect Day Surfing on Kauai” should include words like “Kauai,” “surfing,” “surfing lesson” and “beach.”

All articles submitted must be the original work of the submitting author. We prefer e-mail submissions. Please email as a Word document. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number on the cover letter, as well as your name on each numbered page. Include a brief bio (52 words or less) with your submission and the email or website you would like linked to the piece.

We do reserve the right to touch up your work and render it more in line with the overall voice and tone of our website.

Creating a Good Article for 52 Perfect Days

Compose your articles in a “conversational” voice. Speak directly to the readers and visitors of 52 Perfect Days in an inclusive tone.

Write in the active voice, using the traditional “subject-verb-object” construction. Avoid passive voice whenever possible. Active voice represents the manner in which people best absorb and relate to information. Passive voice, with its “object-verb-subject” construction, momentarily compels readers to “think backwards,” and this produces weary, lifeless and wordy prose.

Do not include irrelevant information or write rambling sentences to reach article-length requirements. Write clean and concise sentences. Eliminate redundant words. Never use more words than you need. Example: Write “you can,” rather than the wordier “you are able to,” write “you can,” rather than “you will be able to.”

Eliminate words that don’t add anything to your piece.

The Associated Press says the number one way to get rid of useless words is to cut out adjectives and adverbs that do little to strengthen the word they are modifying.

Use active, forceful verbs This is a practice that encourages lean prose. See the below examples:

o WRONG: You then can make your way to your next stop just a few blocks away.

o RIGHT: Make your way to your next stop.

Don’t use empty adjectives such as “fun,” “easy,” “great,” “wonderful” and “unique.” Use adjectives that describe specific attributes particular to the subject of your copy. For example, a steak aux poivre isn’t “great” or “unbelievable,” but it may be “satisfying,” “organic” or “tender.” Never use an adjective unless you’re certain it applies.

Display precision with numbers and amounts. Don’t use “a few,” “several” or “some,” when you can indicate an exact number or amount. Never use “a couple” unless you mean “two” and only two. And if you do mean “two,” avoid using “a couple.” Just write “two.”

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Become a Travel Writer For 52 Perfect Days. Pitch us your story idea. We are accepting submissions from writers for all locations.