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Family Fun in St. Johns

Most residents of Portland couldn’t tell you the best coffee in St. John’s. In fact, the old working-class neighborhood at the mouth of the Columbia feels like its own small town. Edged at the confluence of two rivers and popular with students from nearby University of Portland, St. John’s has a sleepy, uncommercial, workaday feel. Discovering this old Portland community can provide a day of active fun for the whole family.

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Get in the Holiday Spirit in Coeur d’Alene

The Coeur d’Alene Resort, well known for its beauty, becomes an especially magical place during the holiday season. The Holiday Light Show, which is the largest on-the-water resort light show in the country, is decorated with over 1.5 million lights. The impeccable and beautiful decorations make it easy to slip into the holiday spirit. If your family is on Santa’s “good list” this year, treat them to an evening of fun downtown.

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Family Fun in Seattle: Butterfly Gardens, Carnival Rides, Music History and a Damn Good Burger

As a resident of Portland, Oregon I have no excuse that I have never visited Seattle. I have always wanted to go but have never taken the time to plan the trip. Having only lived in the Pacific Northwest for four years I guess it’s reasonable, but I am embarrassed to admit it.

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