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50+ Fantastic Reasons to Visit Italy

Ready to visit Italy? The country has so much to offer. Starting in Sicily and moving all the way up the boot to Milan, there was so much to experience. The culture and history are palpable no matter where you are in the country.

Whether you want to visit the beach towns or soak in all the Roman history, there’s something for everyone when visiting Italy. Here are our favorite reasons to visit Italy including the best things to do in Italy, places to visit, and things you must eat! This list doesn’t even cover it all, but it definitely covers many favorites.

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Amalfi Coast

52 Amazing Reasons to Visit Italy

Best things to do in Rome

1. See the Colosseum and learn the history behind it. It is located in the center of Rome just east of the Roman Forum. It is the largest ancient amphitheater ever built and is still the largest standing amphitheater in the world today

Colosseum in Rome

2. Walk along the old streets of the Roman Forum.

3. Throw coins into the Trevi Fountain; an 18th-century fountain designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi. It is perhaps the most famous fountain in the world and definitely in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

4. Take a picture in front of the Arch of Constantine. It is located along the Via Triumphalis in Rome near the Colosseum). The arch was built in c. 315 CE, stands in Rome, and commemorates Roman Emperor Constantine’s victory over the Roman tyrant Maxentius on 28th October 312 CE at the battle of Milvian Bridge in Rome.

5. Marvel at the art in the Vatican Museums. The museums have works from the huge collection amassed by the Catholic Church and the papacy throughout the centuries, including several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world.

6. Stare at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Originally known as the Cappella Magna, the chapel takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV, who had it built between 1473 and 1481. Of course, it’s Michelangelo’s masterpiece that is crown gem of this experience.

7. Take expensive pictures with the Gladiators outside the Colosseum, just for the story.

8. Explore the Catacombs of Rome.

9. People watch in the Trastevere neighborhood; a funky, bohemian area known for traditional and innovative trattorias, craft beer pubs, and artisan shops, as well as simple B&Bs and budget hotels.

Best Things to do in Florence

10. Eat gelato and ice cream in Florence. Try the cioccolato gelato at Café Ponte Vecchio; daily if possible!


11. Watch a street artist in Florence. Not only can you find beautiful art throughout the city, but watching an artist at work is a great way to appreciate the centuries of art that have been created in this beautiful city.

12. Buy a genuine Italian leather item from the shops on the Ponte Vecchio. The Ponte Vecchio, or the “Old Bridge,” is the oldest bridge in Florence crossing the River Arno. It is known for its shops and quaint cafes.

Best Things to do in Venice

13. Brave the crowds on the Rialto Bridge.

Rialto Bridge

14. Take a gondola ride and befriend your gondolier.

15. Sip Bellini’s and listen to the quartets in Piazza San Marco. Known in English as St Mark’s Square is the principal public square of Venice

16. Take part in Venice’s Carnival. Make sure to bring your own costume, and reserve your lodgings ahead of time. You can be as elegant and extravagant, or as simple and funny as you’d like.

Venice Carnival

The 2023 Venice Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2023 – Tuesday 21, March 2023. However, there are some pre-carnival events taking place the week before, starting on February 4, 2023.

17. Walk through Venice without a map. Get lost! Don’t forget to enjoy some great food in Venice too!

18. Attend an Italian opera. One of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre is Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix) in Venice, Italy.

Fun Things to do in Milan

Milan is worth visiting for its abundance of historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks and luxury shopping on the glamorous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

19. Window shop at the designer fashion stores in Milan.

20. Explore the roof of the Duomo di Milano. This gothic-style Milan cathedral has more statues than any other building in the world. There are 3,400 statues, 135 gargoyles, and 700 figures at the Milan Duomo.

Duomo di Milano

21. Take a day trip to a lake near Milan. The Maggiore Lake is a charming lake area surrounded by hills and Alps. The Garda Lake is the largest one in Italy and has several places of touristic interest.

22. Visit the famous La Scala theater and see an opera. There is a dress code, so don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt! Ticket prices start from 15 Euros and can be as expensive as 150-200 Euros for the best seats.

Iconic Things to do in Capri

Capri is a romantic island off the coast of Naples.

23. Spot celebrities while visiting Capri. The island is popular with artists, politicians and celebrities – Mariah Carey owns a villa there, Hollywood stars from Leonardo DiCaprio to Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney and Kim Kardashian and the list goes on!

24. Rent a boat and cruise around the island of Capri. This is also one of best ways to get a glimpse of a celeb or two, as most celebrities stay on their luxury yachts moored near Marina Piccola right beneath the Faraglioni or at the Capri Marina. They tend to stay on board during the day and head to the island in the evening to dine at one of the island’s restaurants or spend the evening at a club.

25. Take a boat ride under the Faraglioni rock formation and make a wish. This is Capri’s most iconic sight; three towering rock formations that jut out from the Mediterranean just off the island’s coast.

26. Explore the gardens of Villa San Michele. The Villa San Michele was built about the end of the 19th century on the isle of Capri, Italy, by the Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe.

27. Partake in the Capri nightlife. Taverna Anema e Core is the official hot spot!

28. Swim in the Blue Grotto. Otherwise known as the Grotta Azzura is a cave just off the coast from Capri. More than just an empty rock face, the grotto has become one of the most famous natural attractions in Southern Italy for its enchanting bright blue waters.

Blue grotto italy

29. Take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro in Campania for 360-degree stunning views. Monte Solaro is the highest point of Capri. You can hike up and down. Or it’s fun to take the chairlift up and hike down, which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

More Things to do on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region.

30. Take in the views from Ravello. This small town is located above the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno, Campania, Southern Italy.

31. Enjoy live music in the town square of Amalfi.

32. Drink some authentic Amalfi limoncello.

33. Eat on the beachside patio of Le Tre Sorelle in Positano in the Spiaggia Grande. If you have never tried authentic Mediterranean cuisine, you should reserve a table at this bar. Specialties are grilled octopus, and clam pasta.

If you’re driving from the west, Positano is the first town you’ll come across on the Amalfi Coast. The town is approximately a 75-minute drive from Naples and twenty minutes from Sorrento.

What to do in Naples

Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy. Many feel the historical center is one of the most authentic and unique places in Italy. So, if you want to experience the ‘real’ Italy, this is a great place to visit.

34. First on the list? Neapolitan pizza! The famous Naples-style pizza is basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil. You might know it better as Margherita pizza, which was invented in Naples in 1889.

Neapolitan pizza

35. Visit Napoli Sotterranea (Naples Underground). Many Italian cities are built on previously existing underground cities. Napoli is not an exception. Napoli Sotterranea includes the ruins of underground structures built by ancient Greeks and later developed by the Romans. This is a 90-minute tour and truly unique experience.

36. Explore the ruins of Pompeii; an ancient Roman city in Campania and 14 miles from Naples that was buried by the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Fun Things to do in Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and is located near the “toe” of Italy’s “boot.”

37. Shop at a roadside fruit stand in Sicily.

38. Hike or take a tram to the top of Mount Etna. This is the largest active volcano in Europe and is a staggering 10,800 feet tall (3,322 meters). You can hike to the top along one of the many trails or if you want something a little easier, there’s also a cable car you can ride to the top to enjoy the fantastic panoramas without.

39. Visit the Monreale Cathedral in Palermo. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria Nuova di Monreale is a Roman Catholic church and is considered one of the greatest examples of Norman architecture; it was begun in 1174 by William II of Sicily.

40. Take a day trip to hike to the Basilica Cattedrale di S. Bartolomeo in Lipari. But, the only way to reach Lipari and the other Aeolian Islands is by ferry from the Milazzo, Messina, and Palermo.

41. While in Limpari, head to a secluded beach. Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolian Islands and has beautiful beaches such as Papesca Beach and Porticello Beach. Ask for Bubu to take you there.

More Reasons to Visit Italy

42. Visit the Cinque Terre on the northern coastline of Italy. Known for the colorful homes as well as terraced cultivation of grapes and olives on the rugged cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

Cinque Terre

43. Go to a wine tasting at a Tuscan winery.

44. Ride a Vespa through the countryside.

45. Take your picture holding up the Tower of Pisa.

46. Sunbathe under the Tuscan sun.

47. Crash an Italian wedding.

48. Splurge on a massage at a fancy Italian spa.

49. Have an Italian sing to you while on a boat – gondola or not.

50. Do like the locals and stop at a cafe in the afternoon and sip a classic espresso.

51. If you aren’t in the mood for coffee, try an Aperol Spritz. this is one of the most popular aperitif cocktails in Italy and is made with prosecco, bitters and soda water. It is said to have been created in Venice in 1920.

52. Oh! Make sure to learn some of the Italian language! It’s beautiful and a fun way to show Italians you have taken the time to try. You won’t master it before your trip, but if you have a hand full of words and phrases ready, it will make your trip more fun!

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