Sicily is the perfect location to see an installation in a 17th century, shelled-out rococo palazzo or to catch an avant-garde concert in one of the many deconsecrated churches. If you are planning on booking with Chapman Freeborn private charters and heading to Sicily for the day, then knowing how to make the most of every minute is a must. Here is one perfect day in Sicily.

There’s no question that there are several things to do and see during your time in this historic city, but if you want to plan the perfect day, then you may need some advice and guidance. If that’s the case, then you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn what to do and where to go to make the most of your Sicily adventure.

Viale della Liberta

Start your day out right by eating sfincione for breakfast. You can find this dish at virtually any café on the side streets of Viale della Liberta. The dish is a savory focaccia that’s garnished with anchovies and a red sauce.

After breakfast, spend some time wandering around the shops located on Viale della Liberta, which is the long boulevard featuring Palermo high end shopping. You can also meander over to the cotton tree shaded side streets where you will find picturesque Art Deco style homes. Make sure to stop by the Giardino Inglese, which is a beautiful mid-19th century English-style garden.

Venturing Further into the City

After spending some time in the tranquil gardens, walk to the Teatro Massimo, which is a beautiful 19th century opera theater. It’s also worth the time and effort to make it to the Vucciria market area, which is one of the oldest outside markets in the entire city. It’s also an open-air museum featuring some of the most creative street art you will ever experience. Make a point to look for the “Life” series by artist Axel Void.

Lunch at Piazza Marina

For lunch, you can visit the nearby Piazza Marina, where you can try a spleen sandwich, labeled as “panino di milza” on the menu. If that’s a bit too much for you to handle, then try out panelle, which is a deep-fried, chickpea fritter and available for sale at ‘Nni Franco U’Vastiddaru.

Places to Visit in Sicily

Day in SicilyWhile touring the capital city is going to be worth the time and effort, if you would rather check out some of the more popular attractions and destinations, consider some of the locations on the list, here.

  • The Cefalu Cathedral: The distinctive building appears to be a cross between a church and fortress with unique architecture. Once inside, it’s more like a traditional church with exquisite artwork. This is a quick stop, but one you shouldn’t miss.
  • La Rocca and Temple of Diana: It will take about an hour to hike to these destinations, but once you reach the top, you will see the ruins, as well as sweeping views of the coast. This is a great place to spend your afternoon.
  • The Beach: Because of Sicily’s southern location, you will find it’s pleasant to swim at the beach for a large portion of the year. You can even rent a lounge chair if you haven’t brought your own.

Planning the perfect trip to Sicily is going to be somewhat subjective. After all, you may have things you want to do and sights you want to see. Regardless of what you choose, you will find that Sicily is a great city to spend a day and one you will likely want to visit again and again.


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