Best Women’s Travel Shoes

When packing for a getaway, one can easily pack along a pair of shoes for each conceivable outing. As this packing problem ends up with an overstuffed suitcase, here are a selection of women’s shoes that work well for most outings.

Best Women’s Travel Shoes

SOLZ shoes pack into a ball the size of a softball, so they take up minimal room in a suitcase. While they feel almost too lightweight to be durable, the ridged soles can withstand a full day of sightseeing, a trip to the hotel gym or even some light hiking. Since SOLZ shoes are water and weather friendly, they can be worn in a variety of climate settings though as they are worn sans socks, they’re not recommended to be worn once the temperature hits freezing. After the trip, put them in the washer and they’re good to go again. For those who are charitable minded, SOLZ partnered with Soles4Souls  so that for every pair of SOLZ shoes purchased, a person in need will get a pair of shoes.

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During the spring and summer months, check out a pair of Spenco® Polysorb® Total Support™ Quartet Sandals. With their arch and heel support, these shoes provide the cushioning needed for those who get foot pain when wearing flip-flops.




For water sports, the 3T Barefoot shoes with their three toe design fits literally like a glove. These shoes have an IDS (Integrated Drainage System) that drains the water through the sole and then circulates airs thus keeping the feet cool. Unlike dive booties that tend to hurt when worn on land, these shoes can be worn out of the water when going for a walk on the beach.



Finally for those times when a dressier look is needed, slip on a pair of Arcopédico shoes. In particular, their leather-strap “Felly” shoes slip on and off with ease during TSA screenings but look fancy enough that they can be worn to a business dinner or cocktail party. These lightweight shoes are made with Arcopédico’s new patented Lytech® fabric (a combination of polyurethane and Lycra). Also like all of Arcopédico’s shoes, the Felly shoes offer patented, metal-free twin arch-support soles as well as non-binding and breathable uppers that look fashionable not frumpy.


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