What to Pack for the Perfect Alaska Adventure

Alaska is known for being a place that adventure seekers flock to and it’s easy to see why. With its wide stretches of wilderness, almost-glowing glaciers, and abundant wildlife, it really does feel like adventure is always just around the corner in Alaska.

If you’re planning to go to Alaska for adventure, you’re in for a treat. But just because you might be used to roughing it does not necessarily mean you don’t have to be prepared. In fact, the conditions in Alaska can get quite unpredictable, so you need to make sure you’re ready for anything. Below are a few of the most important things you’ll need to pack for your perfect Alaska adventure.

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What to Pack for the Perfect Alaska Adventure


The destinations in Alaska are quite far from each other, and even if you’ll be on an Alaska road trip you’ll still be doing quite a bit of walking. Your best choice of footwear would be a pair of lightweight boots with good ankle support or a pair of trail running shoes that you know you’ll be comfortable in. You ideally want to choose footwear that’s been broken in and isn’t too heavy to walk around in.

If you’ll be doing a lot of hiking and trekking, be advised that Alaska trails can get wet or muddy on certain parts. Your footwear should have good traction and should have waterproof lining like Gore-tex. You can also pack a pair of breathable, moisture-wicking socks to avoid getting that damp sock feeling.


Whether you’re on a historical and cultural tour of Fairbanks, Alaska or roughing it out on the nature trails at the Denali National Park, you will need to layer up. Alaska isn’t known for being a tropical place; even during their summers, the air can still feel a bit nippy.

Ideally, you want to layer two to three items of clothing. Your inner layer should be made of moisture-wicking and lightweight fabric like polypropylene, while your outermost layer should be completely waterproof. Water-resistant fabrics are not recommended since they will still end up getting wet and can ruin your day out in the Alaska wilds.

The best base layer for extreme cold is Thermajohn for men and Thermajane for women.

Zip Pants

Speaking of layers, a common mistake most people make when adventuring in Alaska is wearing pants. Now wearing pants isn’t exactly a no-no when adventuring, but pants have a tendency to get wet around the calf area. This can prevent you from staying warm since now you will have dampness around your calves and feet.

It’s recommended to wear a pair of quick-drying zip pants when traversing the wilderness in Alaska. This way, you don’t have to remove your pants to dry them off. Instead, you can just unzip the bottom part of your pants and hang them to dry before putting them back on and going back to adventuring. You can find quick-drying pants on Amazon and we recommend these for men and these for women.  

Animal Repellent

When you’re out and about in the Alaska wilderness, there’s a good chance you might run into a wild animal or two. While some animals are pretty harmless and will observe you from afar, a moose or a bear can be pretty territorial and you may need the help of some bear spray to fend them off while you make your escape. Just make sure to aim downwind unless you want a taste of your own medicine.

While it’s good to have bear spray in case of the occasional moose or bear, what you may need to be more wary of are insect bites. Just like every other place in the world that can be considered the wilderness, insects abound. Mosquitoes for one, are perhaps the most annoying insects to ever exist, so pack yourself some insect repellent and some aloe vera to help soothe any bites you may get.

The best bear spray is Guard Alaska that comes with a belt clip holster.

Our favorite mosquito and bug spray is the Badger Organic Bug Spray that is Deet-Free. If you are headed into the deep woods, you may want to opt for Coleman 100 Max Mosquito Repellent.


Alaska is so full of picture-perfect landscapes and other sights that it would be a tragedy to leave without snapping some photos of them. If you ever find yourself staying at the Baycrest Lodge in Homer, Alaska, you can head down to the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center to take pictures of Kachemak Bay and the seabirds there.

If you plan on taking a camera with you when you go on a few water related activities, you may want to purchase a waterproof case for your camera, or invest in a waterproof action camera like a GoPro or a Xiaomi. Having a wet and broken camera can not only put a damper on your mood, but it can even be a reason to cut your adventure short.

Having the perfect adventure in Alaska is easy to achieve, but it can be easily derailed when you don’t prepare for it. Make sure that you pack the proper items recommended above, remember to have fun and you’re all set to go on your Alaska adventure.

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