The 7 Best European Food Cities and Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, different cities and destinations around the world have their own specialties, and there are many places in Europe where you can look forward to some incredible cuisine to suit even the most discerning palate. In this article, we will look at some of the great European food cities to visit if you consider yourself a foodie.

If you love to travel and explore some of the great cities across the world, you will find plenty of fabulous places to head to in Europe. Whether you want history and culture, exciting attractions, world-famous sites, or incredible cuisine, you will find many excellent options in cities that offer a combination of all these things.

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Best European Food Cities

Some Great European Food Cities

If you love food, you probably enjoy cooking your own dishes and drinks. This is something you can do with ease these days by heading online and accessing everything from a simple martini recipe to recipes for elaborate dishes.

However, if you want to enjoy great food that is truly authentic, visiting some European destinations known for cuisine is a great idea – you can even broaden your horizons in terms of your knowledge of cooking.

1. Venice

Italy is a place that has become known for many things including its wonderful food. You will find incredible eateries all around Italy, and one of the places that is perfect for foodies is Venice. Not only is this a place that is packed with attractions and stunning beauty, but it is also known for its delicious seafood. You can even enjoy sipping the city’s native cocktail, the Bellini, before you tuck into a fabulous seafood dish.

2. Manchester

high tea

If you enjoy food that is comforting and warming, you will find plenty to enjoy in the major cities around England. London is an excellent choice, as there is such as wide choice of eateries where you can enjoy everything from traditional fish and chips on a cold winter night through to a hearty Sunday roast dinner at one of a range of pubs and restaurants. For those that like to feel full and satisfied after a meal. Britain’s hearty dishes will prove perfect.

If you visit Manchester, a trip is not complete without proper afternoon tea. As well as serving a traditional Afternoon Tea, Opus One at the Radisson Blu offers a gluten-free and vegan option. They also offer a Gentleman’s Afternoon tea, with mini Yorkshire puddings, warm pork pie with mini fish & chips, rustic sandwiches, and scones.  Along with your tea, you can also add a glass of champagne or pint of beer.

3. Budapest

Hungarian Goulash
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

For those who love dishes that are packed with flavor and spices, a trip to Budapest, Hungary is an excellent choice. The dishes here are hearty and they are packed with fabulous flavors with many using paprika. For those who enjoy their meat, Budapest has plenty to offer including its signature meaty soups like Hungarian Goulosh that are wonderfully filling and extremely tasty.

4. Copenhagen

pickled herring
Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

Anyone who enjoys food that is both simple and delicious should take a trip the Copenhagen, famous for Hans Christian Anderson and his stories. This is also a place that has become known for producing dishes that are very simple but have a special twist that adds incredible taste and flavor.

In addition, local ingredients are used. Some of the great dishes you can try include pickled herring, tasty open sandwiches, and, of course, the wide variety of cheeses that the city is famous for.

5. San Sebastian

spanish tapas
Image by bule from Pixabay

With a huge number of Michelin-star restaurants, San Sebastian in Spain is also a great place for foodies looking to enjoy great dishes. When you visit the Old Quarter, you can sample delicious Spanish tapas, enabling you to enjoy a range of different dishes in one sitting.

You will find the food in this area is packed with flavor and taste – and you can wash it all down with txakoli, the dry white sparkling wine the city has become famous for.

6. Amsterdam

Image by de40plusvrouw from Pixabay

When you visit Amsterdam, you can look forward to exploring the unique culture and history as well as taking in the famous sights. You can try their deep-fried white fish, which is often served with a delicious mayo sauce with herbs.

You can also sample the cured herring, which has its own distinct flavor and is ideal for lovers of seafood. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the sandwich-style waffles known as stroopwaffel.

7. Naples

pizza from naples
Photo by Narda Yescas from Pexels

Naples in Italy is the place where pizza was invented, so no list would be complete without this city. These days, Naples is about much more than just pizza, however, which means it is the perfect place for foodies with a wide range of tastes.

You will love the seafood dishes available here as well as the incredible dessert. Of course, you must also try the folded pizza and eat it in the traditional way.

Experience Wonderful Cuisine and Culture

When you visit cities such as the ones we have looked at above, you can enjoy the chance to experience both wonderful cuisine and exciting culture.

These are places that have plenty for you to explore but have also become known for their unique, delicious dishes that will keep any foodie satisfied. So, if you want to enjoy different dishes from around Europe, check out some of the great cities across the continent and experience authentic food.

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