Gear Designed To Make Travel Safe, Fun and Easy

The Travel Goods Show takes place in Las Vegas each year (the next show is scheduled for April 2–3, 2023) and is a great way to learn about all the latest and greatest travel gear, gadgets, clothes and more!

After the pandemic, they also began including travel gear to ease the burden of traveling. Below you’ll find some of our favorite travel gear to help make your next trip safe, fun, and easy!

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Gear Designed To Ease the Burden of Traveling

Gear Designed To Ease the Burden when Traveling

KeySmart, Walter + Ray, NeetPac, YaYa Novelty travel items
Photo credit: KeySmart, Walter + Ray, NeetPac, YaY Novelty

From Key Smart comes tools designed to help one avoid touching surfaces that are easily attached to a keychain. Their CleanKey™ is an ergonomically designed antimicrobial hand tool that allows for safe use of door handles, public touchscreens, and buttons.

Also, their NanoStylus enables one to avoid touching public touchscreens, as well as operating a smartphone while wearing gloves. For those who like to keep their smartphones sanitized, their CleanTray can clean 99.99% of germs and bacteria in five minutes.

This device can fit smartphones up to 7-inches along with other items like a KeySmart, a wallet, and AirPods.

Walter + Ray’s The Go Kit contains the essentials a traveler needs to stay in compliance while on a plane, train, or bus. Included in this TSA-ready clear bag are two light antimicrobial face masks, All Good moisturizing hand sanitizer gel, and two packets of dissolvable multivitamins, as well as a handy no-touch tool that helps one open doors, push keypad buttons, and sign stylus pads. 

Keeping seat area sanitized when traveling via train, plane or bus, pack long the Germ Away wipes. These are plant-based sanitizing wipes for travel and perfect to wipe down airplane seats, tray tables and more.

SpectraSpray Global’s Be Well Kit contains their oral Immune Spray along with a new Hand & Surface Sanitizer designed to help support immune health. The oral Immune Spray contains vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and lysine which helps create an oral barrier from germs and viruses, while the sanitizer keeps hands and surfaces clean without drying out one’s hands. Their convenient size allows these sprays to be easily transported when traveling. 

For those looking for a mask that has a playful feel, the YaYmask Designer Collection features hundreds of expressive designs. These masks feature water-repellent 3-layer knitted suede fabric with micro-air technology and natural wicking capabilities designed to help one stay cool in the summer heat. 

Travel Gear for Short Getaways 

Now that many regions have begun to open up their doors to limited travel, here’s a roundup of some travel gear items featured at 2020 Travel Goods Show that are particularly helpful for those looking for a Covid-19 break by taking a day trip or weekend getaway.  

women's clothes for travel
Photo Credit: Pang Wagle, Smooth Trip, Sockwell

The Essential Wrap by Pang Wangle is a lightweight fashionable 6-foot wrap that contains the built-in bug repellent Insect Shield®. This is an odorless, safe, and effective way to repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Drape the wrap around shoulders or cover the head and neck for protection.

Sockwell’s compression socks made with wool keep foot and shoes dry while limiting odor and blisters. These stylish socks with comfort soles and reinforced heels offer graduated compression so one can stand or sit for hours while traveling.

Keep dry with Smooth Trip’s lightweight breathable rain poncho. This durable and reusable rain poncho with a drawstring hood closure is made with a moisture-release waterproof fabric. At 32” wide and 49.5” high, this poncho can fit most adults. As it weighs less than 3 ounces, it can easily be packed into a travel bag. Also, Smooth Trip’s antimicrobial laundry bag set (2 pack) keeps clean clothes separated from dirty ones. As these laundry bags are treated with Agion, a natural silver compound that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, they’ll keep a suitcase from smelling like a gym bag. 

electronic travel gear
Photo Credit: Foxble, GoTravel, Smooth Trip

Carry travel essentials with Smooth Trip’s RFID Cell Phone Wallet. This wallet has 15 credit card holders lined with RFID blocking material to prevent ID theft. The phone case can fit a cell phone up to 3.25″ wide, 6″ high, and .5″ deep. Two zippered compartments (6.5″ long and 3.75″ deep) can hold receipts, standard passports, and cash. A double clap closure secures the wallet while the removable wristlet strap can allow one to carry this wallet as a wristlet. 

Monitor the weather on a smartphone with Foxble’s Enviro Sensing Key FOB. This FCC approved key FOB uses Bluetooth to connect to an app on a smartphone running iOS or Android to obtain data on the latest temperature, pressure, and humidity on whatever place one is currently located.  

Keep earphones from getting tangled in knots when traveling with GoTravel’s Tangle-free earphones with inline microphone. These inexpensive earphones still deliver quality sound with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Magnetic earbuds and a flat cable make it easy to store these earphones. 

Transport toiletries, makeup, and jewelry in style with Ms. Jetsetter’s Travel Trio. These water and stain-resistant bags are made with quilted nylon for a sophisticated look. The hanging toilet bag includes two compartments and a detachable zippered pouched with elastic straps to keep one’s toiletries well secured.

For a quick overnight, the makeup case could hold travel sizes of essential products along with a limited selection of makeup. For those who like to bring along a wide range of jewelry and other accessories, the travel jewelry case includes a detachable earring panel and pouch and eases the burden of keeping your valuables safe. 

travel gear water bottle
Photo Credit: AeroPress, Walter + Ray, Smooth Trip

For short hikes, carry along the Smooth Trip AquaPockets Neoprene Water Bottle Holder with Adjustable Strap and Phone Case. This insulating neoprene sling bag with an adjustable woven strap keeps pre-chilled 16 to 32-ounce drink bottles cold for up to four hours. A snap front compartment and back slip pocket holds a smaller model smartphone and small items like keys, credit cards, hand sanitizer, lipstick, and cash. At only 4.5 ounces and 5.5″ x 2.25″ x 9.5″H, this bottle holder takes up very little space in one’s luggage. 

Those who seek out drinking straws when on the go should check out The SIPPIT Reusable Travel Straw. This full-size reusable drinking straw is made from wheat straw composite and breaks down into three parts. It comes with a cleaning brush in a watertight storage tube with a carabiner that clips onto a keychain, belt, or backpack. 

Make coffee while traveling with the AeroPress Go. This streamlined version of the original AeroPress allows one to enjoy an American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee anytime. As an added feature, the AeroPress Go’s carrying case doubles as a coffee cup. 

Carry luggage without spilling coffee with the Trolley Partner. This convenient add-a-pocket holder Velcros around the trolley of a rolling bag and has spaces for two drinks and a smartphone or travel documents and will truly ease the burden of any potential coffee spills and stains. At only .15 pounds, this item adds almost no weight to one’s luggage. 

travel first aid kit
Photo Credit: Travel-Pakt, Blisslets, Welly

Fix minor cuts and scrapes on the go with the Welly Quick Fix Kit. This compact tin fits easily in a purse or backpack and contains 18 flexible fabric bandages in two sizes, 3 triple single-use antibiotic ointments, and 3 single-use hand sanitizers. 

Travel Pakt’s Airline Essential Pakt includes everything one needs to arrive healthily and refreshed at one’s destination. Included in this pack are 15 screen wipes, Humble Co. sugar-free natural mint gum, Naked Bee hand sanitizer, an Emergen-C Super Orange vitamin water supplement, and an  EO deodorant wipe. Additional items can be added on as need be. 

For those who get queasy when traveling, put on a pair of Blisslets. This nausea relief jewelry provides natural and fast relief from nausea while also looking stylish. 

For additional Covid-19 updates, check out the Travel Goods Association’s website so you can ease the burden of traveling during this time. 

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Gear Designed To Ease the Burden of Traveling

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