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I haven’t always been the best with packing light. For as much as I travel, packing smart wasn’t something I was practicing or very good at. I’d tend to wait until the last minute to pack, which I think was really my downfall. Because I wasn’t being thoughtful about what I needed to bring on the trip, I tended to throw extra items in my bag.

This would inevitably lead to more clothes than I could or would wear during my trip. I would end up with my suitcase packed to the point of testing the strength of the zipper.

Anyone else have to use their full body weight to get their suitcase closed?

My new goal was to pack light while still having a ‘wardrobe’ with a classic/luxury look.

Best Travel Clothes Review: Anatomie Luxury Clothes 

Recently, I made the decision to pack light. I have to admit, it’s not something I’ve mastered even after so many travel adventures! For my first ‘packing light’ trip I worked with the luxury travel clothing brand, Anatomie. I was heading to Europe for a trip of just over two weeks where we would visit Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland in late June. Temperatures ranged from a low of 52-54 degrees and high of 69-74 degrees and we had a bit of rain.  

I traveled with my son and would be traveling for the most part on the train with Eurail. With train travel, there aren’t always elevators or escalators at the stations, which means carrying luggage up and down staircases. With some train schedules, there can be multiple sets of stairs if a change of train is needed for the final destination.

Between the train travel and the weather, I truly needed to think through what I would pack. Since it was early summer and we’d have both cool and warm weather as well as some rain; it was really important I chose the right clothes for this travel adventure. 

I knew for this trip, I needed to pack smart with a small collection of simple & classic pieces.

Anatomie’s Luxury Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes

Anatomie was founded with one purpose in mind: to create a whole new world of comfort and style, meticulously designed for every body shape. They are a women’s luxury travel clothing line and all pieces in the collection are wrinkle-free, comfortable & flattering. The signature lightweight stretch-woven fabric used in their pants and jackets was developed in France and along with being wrinkle-free, it’s also moisture-wicking, quick-drying and highly-durable.

The clothes are also super stylish and the individual pieces take up almost no space in a suitcase. Because of this, I was able to pack in one carry on for a trip for just over 2 weeks! Quite an accomplishment for me!

Teaming up with Anatomie for my summer trip to Europe allowed me to pack smart with a small collection of simple, chic & classic pieces. The clothes are very fashionable and I felt like I had a look that was quite put together!

Best Travel Pants

Finding the perfect pair of women’s travel pants is no easy feat. But finding a pair of travel pants that are both functional AND cute? How about functional, cute, AND flattering on my tall GenX body? 

But guess what? The Anatomie Skyler Travel Pants changed my packing game, and I’m about to change yours. To be totally honest, I practically lived in the Skyler pants on this trip. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. They have some give (a bit of stretch to the fabric), but they look like dress pants. I was able to wear them sightseeing with the Charlotte v-neck t-shirt as well as dress them up in the evening with a blouse and scarf. 

Anatomie Skyler Travel Pants

Shortcut to Big Savings in Travel Clothes

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All pieces in the collection are wrinkle-free, comfortable & flattering. They are also super stylish!  

I packed several pieces from the Anatomie line of travel clothes including; Skyler travel pants (pictured above), Andrea leggings, Charlotte v-neck (pictured above) & the Travel City Slick jacket.

Capsule Wardrobe

I brought a very small wardrobe of pieces that all fit in my carry sized suitcase. My capsule wardrobe consisted of a simple black dress, a jean skirt, a pair of stretchy jeans, a pair of joggers and I practically lived in my black Anatomie Skyler Travel Pants. I also brought a handful of tops I could mix and match with my pants and skirt. I really felt quite put together with my wardrobe on this trip!

I don’t know if anyone else is obsessed with travel packing cubes, but I can’t live without them — especially on trips like this with a lot of moving and basically never unpacking. In fact, Anatomie includes travel cubes with many of their orders as a free gift.  

Anatomie Luxury Travel clothes

In the above photo I’m wearing the Andrea leggings, Charlotte v-neck and the Travel City Slick jacket. All of the clothes I ordered from Anatomie had some give (a bit of stretch to the fabric), which made them ultra-comfortable.

The comfort along with the quality of the clothes and the fact they take up minimal space, truly makes them the best the luxury travel clothes I have ever traveled with.

If you’d like to check out Anatomie Travel Clothes use code ALEXA10 for a 10% discount!

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