10 Best Things to See in Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has fantastic mountains, glaciers, and deep picturesque coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital of the country, is a city of green spaces and unique museums. Norway is also known for fishing, fantastic hiking, and skiing opportunities as well as fjord exploring.

Tourists have a variety of options to explore the glorious beauty of Norway: by boat, bike, by car, or by train. Nature is undoubtedly a highlight, but Norway also has a rich, interesting past, and has a lot to offer regarding cultural expeditions. There are so many amazing things to do in Norway, and this list highlights some of the best!

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Exploring gorge in Norway

Best Things to See in Norway

Some of the best Norway destinations feature architectural gems and historical artifacts in public museums and rural villages. The country can also boast of numerous cosmopolitan cities featuring highlights of the modern Scandinavian way of life while cherishing its traditions. Whether you plan to visit Bergen, Oslo or Ålesund the beauty will astound you!

In fact, one of the best ways to explore the country is on an escorted tour of Norway making the vacation remarkably simple.

Check out some of the most popular and off the beaten track places in Norway to visit for your next trip.

Norway with cruise ship

Oslo, as the capital and biggest city in Norway, offers a wide variety of sights, activities, and experiences to suit all visitors.

1. Sculpture “She lies” – Oslo

The city is surrounded by water and forest, so there are awesome hiking, biking, and sailing opportunities, as well as points of art and culture not to be missed, like Vigeland Sculpture Park and Oslo Opera House. Just off the shore of the Opera House, there is a floating sculpture of ice, a reminder of nature’s power. The floating stainless steel and glass sculpture called ” She Lies” was created and designed by Italian artist Monica Bonvicini. The impressive artwork floats on a concrete platform, constantly turning and changing based on the tides and currents pointing to nature’s constant change.  

2. Cafe Invit

If you are seeking exciting nature and culture-based activities, Ålesund is a great place to go.  You will find a few places in the world which can offer such stunning scenery and pristine nature. Alesund is known for its unique Art Nouveau architecture and the Fjords. Here you can also learn about the Viking history,   flora or fauna of the area and many other things. Ålesund has a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, and bars offering both Norwegian and international dishes with natural ingredients. Cafe Invit not to be missed. It is a designer furniture store and cafe/bar – which is very Norwegian and with authentic atmosphere. 

3. Atlantic Road

If you are ready for the most beautiful driving in the world, The Atlantic Road is just for you. It connects the island of Averøy with the mainland via a series of small islands. The road is toll-free. On your way, you can park your car at designated viewing points and climb the hill to enjoy the sea air and the most beautiful views. 

4. Lookout Stegastein

For unforgettable views don’t miss lookout Stegastein, the spectacular viewing point offering splendid panoramas of the fjord and unique closeness to nature. Arriving from Flåm, you will find this stunning viewing platform hanging at 30 meters from the mountain wall and 650 meters up from the fjord. It gives you the feeling that you are floating above the fjord and villages below.

5. Storfjord Hotel and lighthouse suite

When you get tired of ever changing views, and exciting experiences make a stop at Storfjord Hotel, a secluded luxury boutique hotel in Glomset. It is situated on a hillside overlooking the Storfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps. At the Storfjord Hotel, behind the handcrafted log walls, you will find tranquility and relaxation. For still more experience book a suite in a lighthouse. Over 60 lighthouses along the Norwegian coast have become very popular for overnight stays. 

6. Juvet Landscape Hotel

To fully enjoy nature, look for Juvet Landscape Hotel, a series of designer dens built on the banks of the river in the western fjords in total submersion in nature pure. The hotel is seven camouflaged wooden structures with vertical timbers sitting in conformity with the trunks of trees.

7. Norwegian Oil Museum

To satisfy your special interests, you should also visit :

The Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger is well worth a visit. It is a dynamic museum for everyone. The exhibits explain how oil is created, discovered and produced, and what it is used for.

8. Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga, a rock formation situated about 1,100 meters above sea level in the municipality of Odda is one more extraordinary spot where a cliff is jutting horizontally out from the mountain, into the air about 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatnet.

9. Jostedalsbreen National Park

If you want to experience all the seasons in one day, you should visit Jostedalsbreen National Park. Almost half of the park is covered by the glacier, which is the largest in mainland Europe.

Here you will find a wide variety of natural environments all within a short distance of each other: valleys with lush vegetation, bare mountain and glacier landscapes. Hiking in this area is like jumping from one season to another.

10. Churches in Norway

Churches in Norway deserve special attention. They a very typical of Northern Europe. Stave churches are medieval construction made from wood and are characterized by post and lintel construction.   Some of the most typical and best-preserved examples of stave churches are located in Norway where you can see them throughout the country. Most of them date back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

It is not possible to mention all the beautiful and unique places in Norway as the whole country is a goldmine of spots that every traveler should seek to see. The visitors will definitely have a variety of options to choose from.

Best Time to Visit Norway

aurora northern lights in Norway

Norway is gorgeous all year long, so the best time to visit Norway depends on what you want to do. The best time to go to Norway for northern lights is October-November and February-March.

If you want to head to Norway to ski, snowfall can occur anytime from September through to May, but January to March is the time when you can expect the most.

Most ski resorts open as soon as the first snowfalls, but February and March are the most popular months especially for cross-country skiers.

May to August is the best time to visit the Norwegian fjords and waterfalls tend to be at their strongest in the late spring to early summer (May-June).

May tends to be the driest month, while September to November is known to be the rainiest time.

Mid-June to mid-August is considered the high season and July, in particular, is a very popular month for visiting. On the flip side, late May to early June and late August to early September is a slower season. During this time you’ll still find the weather milder and when you’ll be able to find accommodations much easier to come by (and most likely quite a bit cheaper). 

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10 Best Things to See in Norway

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