Blairsville, Georgia is located in the North Georgia mountains in the United States. This gorgeous area is filled with so much beauty and lots of things to do. If you love being outdoors, checking out local restaurants, and supporting small businesses then you will absolutely love this small town. Here is how you can spend the perfect 24 hours at Blairsville, Georgia

hole in the wall blairsville georgia

Start Your Morning Off Right In Downtown Blairsville, Georgia

Eat Breakfast At A Local Joint

There is this local joint that is absolutely amazing. It is located in the middle of downtown Blairsville and it’s called, “Hole In The Wall.” They serve some very large pancakes, delicious eggs and so much more. 

Grab Some Delicious Coffee

While you can grab some coffee at Hole In The Wall, you can also check out the coffee shop across the street called Cabin Coffee Co. 

Helton Creek Falls Blairsville Georgia hiking trail waterfall

Do A Morning Hike

Helton Creek Falls

Blairsville, Georgia is known for the outdoor activities and gorgeous mountain views that it has to offer. One great way to start the day is with a hike at Helton Creek Falls. It is a short hike with two beautiful waterfalls. Definitely worth the trip. Overall it took us about 15 minutes to do the hike starting at the parking lot and going to the falls. 

lake trahlyta falls vogel state park blairsville georgia

Lake Trahlyta Falls

If you still want to do more hikes then you should check out the Lake Trahlyta hike at Vogel State Park. It is a short hike to a waterfall at the end of the lake.  

De Soto Falls

De Soto Falls is another short waterfall hike located on the other side of the mountain. The hike is fairly short as well with two hiking routes. There is upper falls and lower falls. Both are absolutely beautiful and worth visiting. 

Anna Ruby Falls Unicoi State Park Helen Georgia

Anna Ruby Falls

Located outside of Blairsville heading towards Helen, Georgia is one of my all time favorite hikes in the area. It is called Anna Ruby Falls in Unicoi State Park. It is a short paved hike that overlooks numerous waterfalls all in one location. 

Afternoon Fun In and Around Blairsville, Georgia


What a fun morning it has been but let’s grab some lunch. There are a few local spots to grab some delicious food in downtown Blairsville, Georgia. One of the places we like to go to eat at is Monet’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria. We absolutely loved their pizza but they also have many other Italian dishes for you to choose from and some very good wine. 

Sunrise Shop Blairsville Georgia shop local

Go Shopping Local

This is not your average shopping trip. No malls or big brands listed on this post but it is all mom and pop shops or small local businesses. One of our favorite shops to visit is Sunrise Grocery. They have a wide variety of souvenirs, photographs and posters, and even local produce. Don’t forget to try their roasted peanuts and delicious jams and honey. 

Blairsville Georgia mountain views

Go On A Mountain Drive

Driving through the mountains in Georgia is pretty amazing. One of our favorite things to do is to drive through the mountains and stop at all of the overlooks and take photos. 

During our drive we also like to stop at all the cute mountain shops we find along the way. We have found some pretty cool items in these local shops. One of our favorite shops on the winding roads is Mountain Crossings. They have the cutest stuff ever. I got a whale mug there. It is also right next to the Appalachian Trail making it a rest stop for many through-hikers. If you sit and talk to them you can hear some pretty amazing stories. Walk to the back of the shop and you will be surprised with some gorgeous views as well. 

DeSoto Falls Blairsville Georgia

Go On Another Hike

Mountain Crossings is located very close to De Soto Falls so if you want you can leave this hike for after lunch to make the most of your afternoon. This is a longer hike than the other ones mentioned so I will allow up to 2 hours to do them both if you are traveling with kids. 

Grab Some Local Wine

There are a few places in Blairsville and Helen that have local wine but the one I have heard amazing things of is Paradise Hills, Winery Resort and Spa. If you are looking to relax and unwind then this is the place to go. 

Grab Some Dinner

Choose a new local restaurant to eat for dinner. Blairsville has a good variety of country styled restaurants for you to choose from. You can also ask some locals to see what their favorite restaurants are. It is always best to get a good perspective from the locals in the area. 

Camping at Vogel State Park Camp Kitchen Blairsville Georgia


Blairsville GA Hotels & Lodging


We usually like to go camping so we opt to outdoor places such as campgrounds. Vogel State Park is usually where we go camping because it is very clean and well maintained. You can also stay at De Soto Campground but make sure to take cash with you as they only accept cash at check-in. 

Blairsville GA Cabins and Inns

You can also find some cabins in the area as well. Blood Mountain Cabins and Country Store is one of the best cabins in the area that was recommended to me by a local. There is also Alpine Cabins and Misty Mountain Inn and Cottages for you to stay at as well that have great reviews. 


Comfort Inn Blairsville GA is a great choice for a budget hotel. If you prefer the simplicity of a hotel this is a great choice for a budget stay. 

vogel state park blairsville georgia

Best Time Of Year To Visit Blairsville, Georgia

The mountains of north Georgia are beautiful all year round. The seasons are stunning in Blairsville but from my experience, the best time of year to visit is during the Spring and Fall seasons. During these seasons you will see fewer people on the trails and attractions as well as have the perfect cool weather to explore in. Winter will be the less crowded time of year but very cold. Summer, on the other hand, is fun too but very hot and more crowded. Spring and Fall are the best times in my opinion. 

If you are looking to catch some beautiful fall colors during the Autumn season then the very best time to find these peak colors would be during the last 2 weeks of October.

If you decide to camp at Vogel State Park I highly recommend making your reservations 3 to 6 months in advance depending on the time frame and if its during a holiday. They usually book up fast especially during the summer months. 

Lake Trahlyta Vogel State Park georgia

5 Fun Facts About Blairsville, Georgia

  1. De Soto Falls was a location that the famous Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. 
  2. The population of Blairsville as of 2019 is 700. 
  3. Blood Mountain holds the only man-made structure, The Walasi-Yi Center, that passes through the 2,175 mile long Appalachian Trail. 
  4. Blairsville is world-famous for its sorghum. Blairsville is the only area in all of Georgia that grows sorghum. The unique climate and soil conditions in Blairsville are perfect for harvesting it. The town celebrates this with their Blairsville Sorghum Festival every year in October. 
  5. Byron Herbert Reece, author of four books of poetry and two novels, is one of the most famous residents of Blairsville. 

lake trahlyta vogel state park georgia hiking trail

Hope You Enjoy Your Trip To Blairsville, Georgia

Well, that’s about it. Whether you are traveling for an overnight trip or going for a week, Blairsville and it’s surrounding areas have a lot to offer. With beautiful shops, delicious coffee, amazing wine and spas, and ever local restaurants, you are safe to say that the mountains of North Georgia will have a special place in your heart. 

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