7 Wishgarden Wellness Formulas and Natural Remedies

Do you use herbal remedies? Are you curious about how you could add herbal remedies to your wellness routine? I’m a huge believer in wellness formulas and have found a great source with WishGarden Herbal Remedies. Below I am sharing my 7 favorite Wishgarden Wellness formulas.

They are a woman-owned and family-run business based in Boulder, Colorado that has been making herbal remedies since 1979. All of their herbal products are Non-GMO and gluten-free. It is super easy for me to stand behind this company because I use and love their remedies.

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I am also an ambassador for Wishgarden, which means I help spread the word about their natural remedies to my friends, family, and my readers. I love their products so much, I signed up to help share why their products are superior to many other herbal formulas and pass on my personal experiences using their products.

7 Wishgarden Wellness Formulas and Natural Remedies For Everyday Life

wishgarden remedies

As the world has adjusted to the ‘new normal’, there is new focus on immune health as well as overall health and wellness. I have taken time to do research about supplements, herbs, and tinctures to determine which ingredients I think will be the best solution for me and my family. Below, I am sharing what I have learned about Wishgarden formulas. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. I’m merely sharing the ways I have found to help keep healthy on my travels and everyday life. You should consult with your personal doctor to see what’s right for you.

Best Wellness Formulas for Building a Strong Immune System

1. Kick-Ass Daily

I use this remedy on a daily basis. The formula is a blend of nutritive support to build up the immune system. I take 4 droppersful of Kick-Ass Daily with Astragalus in a little water between 2 and 4 times per day. If I’m feeling really healthy, I’ll stick to two times per day. If I’m tired, a bit stressed out or feeling a bit out of sorts, I’ll up it to four times per day. If I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something it’s time for Kick-Ass Immune. 

Check out Kick-Ass Daily on the Wishgarden Website

2. Kick-Ass Immune

WishGarden’s Kick-Ass Immune Activator is a powerful herbal blend and should be the front line in your immune defense regime.

Kick-Ass Immune by Wishgarden is my go-to for building my immune system and fighting off a cold. It is also my secret weapon to travel healthy!

I take Kick-Ass Immune 1) the minute I felt the first sign of a cold or flu, 2) three weeks before any travel on a daily basis and then throughout the trip.

>It’s WishGarden’s best-selling unique herbal formula, which blends a powerful team of immune, respiratory, and lymphatic herbs to support your body’s natural resistance.

Check out Kick-Ass Immune on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

My Favorite Herbal Solutions for Everyday Life 

3. Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer

Throw away Tums! Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer is a fast-acting formula of culinary herbs – Fennel seed, Catnip aerials, Peppermint leaf, and Ginger Root help soothe common digestive discomforts and promote healthy digestive function. Don’t suffer through a tummy ache or digestion problems without help.

Mo’ Betta Belly is for all things stomach/ digestion.  From gas to an upset stomach, to diarrhea, to motion sickness or even heartburn. This is one I give my son (who is 18) when he has an occasional upset stomach and it works every time!

Check out Digestive Rescue GI Normalizer on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

4. Deep Stress

The Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue remedy contains 12 herbs that specifically help support normalized mood and energy. If I am feeling stressed out, anxious or I don’t feel grounded, this is the herbal formula I reach for. This is a great wellness formula to have on hand for those moments that throw you a curveball or when stress rears its ugly head! For me, usually, one dose (4 dropperfuls) in a little water and I find myself more centered and calm. 

Check out Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

5. Genius Juice

A unique herbal formula that supports your mental clarity while delivering “Brain Food,” and energy. When I need to sit down at my desk and have a deadline or want to really focus on a project, I’ll take 2-4 droppers of Genius Juice in a bit of water and set my intention to complete a specific project. 

It’s also great for students. In fact, I plan to send my son off with a bottle when I take him to college this fall. 

Beyond everyday use, this herbal supplement is the best to combat Jet Lag because it helps with focus and refreshes the brain.

Check out Genius Juice on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

6. Liquid Bliss

A great substitute for a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail. This formula is for uplifting mood and you guessed it — general bliss!

Liquid Bliss is also blended to help increases a sense of connection. It’s a great formula to take before a date, hanging out with friends or social functions. 

Check out Liquid Bliss on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

7. Sleepy Nights

This proprietary blend of herbs helps your mind stop thinking, and allows me to fall asleep easily. What I really like is that Sleepy Nights doesn’t make me groggy in the morning. In fact, it’s blended so people wake up fresh in the morning.

It’s blended to support healthy sleep cycles and can even be taken for short periods of sleep on a plane or train and still not feel groggy.

Check out Sleepy Nights on the Wishgarden Website or on Amazon

Remedies For Everyday Life

I keep a supply of my favorite WishGarden remedies on hand for everyday immune health as well as for those times you need support for stomach issues and digestion, sleepless nights, moments of worry or anxiety and so many other life moments.  Please check out WishGarden and their Non-GMO herbal products. You’ll be glad you did.

They’re available in 2oz pumps or 1oz droppers.

You’ll support your health and your peace of mind.

8 Things I Love About Wishgarden Herbal Extracts

  1. They only use whole herbs in the extracts.
  2. Each tincture blend is created in small batches. 
  3. Tinctures are made with high-quality ingredients.
  4. All of the herbal products are Non-GMO and gluten-free.
  5. Tinctures can be used for long term support or fast-acting effects. 
  6. They are a woman-owned company.
  7. They are a family-run business.
  8. They have been making herbal remedies since 1979.

How to Use Wishgarden Wellness Formulas

Take the suggested amount on the label for each individual formula in a small amount of water, juice or tea. If you prefer, you can take it directly without diluting. Wishgarden has three basis strategies for taking each of their wellness formulas everyday use, while recovering and for quick & immediate results. 

#1  FASTEST EFFECT Strategy: to achieve in-the-moment results, take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls) in a little water; if needed, repeat in 5 minutes; or as practitioner recommended. Think ‘enough volume here to get the job done’. 
#2  MOVE-THRU-IT Strategy: to support optimum recovery rates, Take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls) in a little water; repeat every 1-3 hours for a day or two then taper off to 3-4 times a day (with a good night’s sleep). The idea here is a persistent frequency. 
#3  TONIC Strategy: for daily tonic and deeply nutritive support over time, take 3mL (8 pumps or 4 dropperfuls)  2-4 times a day. 

The above are suggested doses for adults. If you want to use herbal remedies for children, always check with their pediatrician first. 

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Are you curious about adding herbal remedies to your wellness routine? I have found a great source with WishGarden Herbal Remedies. A woman-owned & family-run business. All remedies are gluten free too!

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  1. There are several wishgarden kick-ass products. Immune activator, Biotic, Get Over It. Which would you suggest for the bad C bug going around?

    1. To prevent, I’d use kick ass daily. If you feel a twinge of anything, start on the kick ass immune.

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