Instagram is one of my favorite ways to share photos while I am traveling. It’s amazing what my IPhone can capture. In fact, there are times when I feel like my IPhone does a better job than my DSLR.

While I was sorting through my photos from Nikon, I took a look back on my Instagram feed to see what I had shared and thought it told a fun story about my experience traveling in Northern England.

A common comment I received after returning and sharing some of my initial thoughts from my trip was that so many haven’t taken the time to visit Northern England. I even heard this from people who live in or grew up in or near London. I hope these photos inspire you to consider visiting Northern England the next time you visit Europe.

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Northern England In 20 Photos

Capping off my journey following the Pendle Witches history was finding this statue near Pendle Hill.

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Thank you to Visit Britain for hosting my travels through beautiful Northern England and making this article possible. As always, all opinions are my own.

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My instagram experience in Northern England

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