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5 Ways to Enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park

From Major League Baseball to mountainous skylines, the Denver area has just about everything. In fact, one of the most frequently visited parks in the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park, is located near Denver.

Last year marked the park’s hundredth anniversary — which means the landmark has wowed visitors for generations!  — and over 4 million visitors made their way there. People of all ages continue to enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park for its activities and scenic surroundings.

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While planning your park adventure, use these tips to make the most of your time in Denver and the Rockies. Some links in this post are affiliate links that earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

5 Ways to Enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park

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Take a Hike

The staff at Glacier Gorge Hike offers expertise in the Rockies fit for visitors of any age. Book a hotel near Rock Mountain National Park, and discover why Bear Lake attracts travelers from around the world in an educational setting like no other. Alberta Falls, a waterfall waiting for tourists near the end of their hike, offers a perfect view for selfie enthusiasts and traditional photographers alike. You’ll also get treats like trail snacks and a picnic-style lunch included in the tour.

Take a Shorter Hike

While thrill-seekers visiting Rocky Mountain National Park enjoy the challenge of climbing mountains, novices tend to stay grounded. That’s not a problem; a short walking tour offers a sightseeing option for all age groups. Lily Lake Loop is a short tour around a lake with waterfalls and Estes Park nearby. Lily Lake is free for all guests, unlike much of Rocky Mountain National Park. The walking paths are stroller-friendly, but this doesn’t mean your hike can’t be a peaceful one. There is still plenty of room to quietly explore the lake with chipmunks, waterfowl, and moose. This tour is safe for those who wish to take a snack break or tend to infants, the littlest hikers-in-training.

Eat All-American

Many eateries near the Rockies and throughout Denver are suitable for all ages. This means you’re sure to find both light fare for child-size bellies and heartier meals for fully grown stomachs. Check out Honor Society Handcrafted Eatery, where diners choose from gluten-free fried chicken, cedar plank salmon, short rib sandwiches, and more. The moderately priced menu makes it welcoming to groups of all sizes.

Follow the Locals

While mountain sights make for a great vacation on their own, you may want to venture out into other parts of Denver. Start with the Old Gallery Allenspark, a gift shop and gathering place for tourists and residents alike. Gift shops are usually designed for out-of-towners, but many locals frequent the specialty shop for several reasons: There’s the live music, where local talent is often showcased. Stage productions, including Broadway hits like Fiddler on the Roof and Some Enchanted Evening — An Evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein, are the norm at the Old Gallery.

Book Family-Friendly Hotel Accommodations

There are hotel accommodations perfect for family groups of all age ranges that are looking to spend time enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park and the city of Denver. Opt for accommodations near Highway 70 for easy access to the mountains. Holiday Inn Denver East–Stapleton is about 90 minutes from the park, making it a great choice for day-tripping with the kids and enjoying Denver nightlife with the adults.

Tip: do not rely on cellphones. Cellular service is not the best in the region, as as most cell tower signals are blocked by the mountains and trees. There are phone booths throughout the park, should the need to reach out and touch someone arise. Cameras should work just fine though; you’ll just have to upload your selfies and videos onto the social media site of your choice, after exiting the park.

Want to see the Rockies and Denver this summer? Fair warning: it is by far the busiest time of year. A peaceful winter vacation may be to your liking if you want the park to “yourself”. Also many animals are still around during the colder time of year. Snowshoeing and skiing are popular tings to do during the winter, too, and thee’s lots to be found throughout the park. (Beginning snowshoers should check out the free ecology walks, hosted by a Denver ranger.) Sledding and tubing are also popular during the winter months’ but keep in mind, Hidden Valley slopes is the only place in c where sleds and tubes are allowed.

No worries though, for those who’d rather visit the park when it’s warmer. In addition to what’s aforementioned, there’s biking, climbing, horseback riding, and more waiting for your family! Summertime is still affordable, regardless of its popularity, if you book early (maybe during the winter or as soon as the flight schedules are available). Book one of many Denver family-friendly hotels, and find a hotel at the center of a getaway your family won’t soon forget.

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