A Day Exploring Cabo San Lucas Food and Shopping

What better way is there to start off a day in Baja than with a meal of huevos rancheros? The Mexican-style egg breakfast was served, along with orange juice, tortillas and salsa, by a delightful local girl named Maria. I enjoyed the meal in a small restaurant located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

After breakfast it was time to see what the local vendors had to offer. I took a walk down the main boulevard, Avenido Lazaro Cardenas, where merchants were selling everything from authentic arts and crafts to more commercial goods. A little bargaining with the salesman, and I walked off with a new decorative, black sombrero for my collection back home.

Right off of Avenido Lazaro Cardenas is the restaurant Taco Fiesta. The affordable menu consists of specials on burritos, tacos, and tostadas. I chose the chicken tostadas and was pleasantly surprised with a meal rich in Mexican flavor.

After lunch, I headed a few blocks off of the main boulevard to the beach. Local Mexicans, clad in swimming attire, offered jet skiing, parasailing, and rides on glass bottom boats. I decided to skip all of the costly beach activities and opted for a free swim in the warm, blue Sea of Cortez.

Afterwards, I got a cozy lounge-chair at a beachfront restaurant called The Office and enjoyed the warm Cabo sun. There were tourists from all over the world walking through the sand, enjoying drinks at beachside bars, and playing in the water.

A short walk off the beach landed me at one of the better restaurants in town. Edith’s featured an exciting atmosphere, a friendly staff, and excellent cuisine. From an array of fish, combination plates, and several seafood selections, I chose the lobster and a cold margarita. It was an excellent meal, and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for tasty Mexican food and a romantic atmosphere.

I ended the day by checking out Cabo nightlife. The city is famous for its party atmosphere, and I found that there were several clubs and bars to choose from. I started at the Giggling Marlin, where I watched a show put on for the tourists by the waiters. Audience participants were rewarded with shots of tequila for having the courage to try and dance as well as the staff. After, I headed over to the notorious El Squid Roe. I was greeted by drunk, dancing tourists, flashing disco lights, and pounding dance beats.

Exhausted from an eventful day in Cabo San Lucas, I returned to my rental unit to get some sleep. I lay in bed thinking of how I would create the next perfect day in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

Getting There: Cabo is located at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, a thousand miles south of the U.S. border. The local airport is San Jose del Cabo (SJD).

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