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The 2ndAnnual 52Perfectdays Contributing Writer Contest will take place during the month of September. From September 1 through September 30, 2009 our writers with the top 10 visited articles will win great prizes as a thank you for being a part of the 52 Perfect Days writing community.

52 Perfect Days visitors can help! Browse the site, click through the different destinations or travel ideas sections and when you find an article you love make sure to email it to friends, use our "Add This" to digg, stumble, twitter, delicious, facebook or myspace it.

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Email us to let us know you have sent some love to our writers, just use the Subject line (HEY! I AM HELPING THE WRITERS) and tell us what aritcle(s) you shared and you will be Automatically Entered into the Drawing for prizes too like a set of 6 coasters with images of Paris or Russia, great travel books and other prizes!
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E-mail us by Friday September 25, 2009 for a chance to win one of two Anne McAlpin Travel Wallets.


Winners of Natalie MacLean’s Red, White and Drunk All Over… A Wine Soaked Journey from Grapes to Glass are:
Robert Burns and Gia Volterra de Saulnier


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Abellon, Candice

Anderson, Amy

Ashton, Valerie

Attento, Adriana

Audley, Katherina

August, Justin

Bagas, Leah

Baker, Anthony

Basch, Richard

Batten, Jason

Black, Margot

Block, Evelyn B.

Boyer, Alene

Buchanan, Sherida

Byrne, Marty

Calabretta, Andrea

Cangro, Jacquelin

Cassity, Jay

Chizik, Stephanie

Christian, Lori

Close, Megan

Cortez, Tamara

Crawford, Catherine

Crouch, Wendy

Crouch, Russ

Daigle, Stacie

Deering, Diane

Drake, Julia

Dwyer, Caitlin

Egan, Kelly

Emory, Jane

Faria, Glenn M.

Fisher, Kimberly

Franklin, Katy

Garrison, Becky

Goetsch, Karen

Grimaldi, Beth

Hagemann, Ann

Hartleb, Mary Beth

Haynes, Kimberly

Head, Marion L.

Hedderig, Kathryn

Hendrtamo, Diajeng

Hill, Dana

Hood, Michael Bret

Horowitz, Ed

Houser, Larry

Howard, John

Kahler, Corey

Keith, Scott

Kicklighter, Lorin

King, Katie

Kratzer-Juilfs, Silvia

Lee, Jessica

Lowe, Gail

Marre, Nicole

Mayer, Emily

Meade, Christine

Medlin, Robyn

Meisler, Alexa

Meisler, Todd

Monaco, Rick

Mooney, Erica

Moore, Hailee

Nagy, Faye

Nelson, Elizabeth

Norris, Michael

Offutt, Chelsy

O’Neal, Maura

Voluntourism Guides and Books

Parker, Catherine

Perkins, Perry

Randall, Heather

Reed, Diana

Rose, Elizabeth

Roxborough, Shannon

Schreck, Vince

Seith, Denise

Shipley, Kessa

Schurman, Allison

Sigo, Theresa

Silverman, Renee

Siracusa, Sabrina

Simonson, Karen

Smith, Nikki

Sobodos, Christi

Stienberg, Sarah

Stover, Mary

Sweeney, Nancy

Szmanda, Ben

Teskie, Joe

Titcomb, Michael

Todd, Courtney

Treuting, Jennifer

Tucker, Bob

Verdin, Andrea

Walsh, Norma

Williams, Penny

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