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Natural Ways to Relieve Illness While Traveling

When traveling, especially in foreign countries buying remedies for a cold, flu, upset stomach or other minor ailments can be a challenge.

While pharmaceuticals are available in most countries, sometimes it’s easier to try a natural remedy. We’ve compiled some everyday foods, herbs and a few natural products that can make your travels a lot more pleasant.

This is not medical advice and if you are pregnant or have any sort of health condition definitely check with a doctor before using any of these products or trying any rememdy.

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Portland Introduction

For many years, Portland was a quiet town. Seattle’s bookish cousin, it hunkered down near the Cascade Mountains and mended its plaid shirts and logger boots. Now Portland tops the charts as one of the country’s most livable places. Portlanders love good coffee, good beer, and a well-grilled salmon fillet. Along with these cosmopolitan tastes, Portland has developed a unique character as a laid-back, independent-minded enclave for writers and artists, outdoors enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of pinot noir.

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Portland’s Perfect Neighborhoods

Portland is a clean, friendly city. Small compared to many other major metropolitan areas, the city has European character, a quirkiness reminiscent of San Francisco and a clean and accessible downtown. With a laid back attitude, great coffee, great microbrews, and an up and coming foodie scene this is one town worthy of a visit. Known as the the city of Roses, Portland offers tourists and locals lots to explore.

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