How Glamping changed the way we enjoy the outdoors

How glamping changed the way we enjoy holidays outdoors

Glamping. That is a word added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2016. But this does not mean that in the last few decades we could not understand exactly what it meant because it concerned a popular travel trend whose roots are located back in the 16th century.

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What exactly is glamping? It’s just the combination of glamor and camping, a combination that has brought us one of the most popular travel trends of recent years and has created a tourist phenomenon that is constantly gaining ground.

Indeed, over the last ten years, glamping has been transformed from a sophisticated holiday mode into a top and popular tourist choice. The beginnings of this trend were to be found in Australia and the US, and shortly afterwards, this alternative travel trend managed to reach Europe as well.

The glamping in Europe

With glamping, alternative holidays are upgraded since the charm of staying in nature combines with the luxurious amenities a five-star hotel can offer. For those who wish to spend some days of relaxation near the natural element without having to renounce the luxury of a top resort, it is the ideal choice.

From wooden tree houses, up to luxury windmills and from impressive farms to high aesthetic tents, the list of options is constantly growing, offering even more suggestions to lovers of this unconventional way of holidaying.

The sure thing is that at each destination, glamping shelters impress with the following five being undoubtedly typical examples of top-class accommodation.

Nights in the desert of Spain

In Navarre, Spain, in particular in the Bardena Palales area, there is a resort which offers its visitors the chance to experience a unique experience. There, in a “wild” breathtaking landscape, travelers can enjoy top-quality services and tasty food, spending a few days in luxurious “bubbles” in the middle of the desert.

Relaxing in a Swedish tree-house

Wooden, luxurious “nests” on towering trees is what you will find when you reach the place. This is idyllic for nature lovers as scenery is located in the woods of Harand in Sweden and is one of the world’s leading glamping destinations. Every place offers visitors an unforgettable experience, according to their needs, while the menu is “rich” with regard to the activities they can experience. Anything from mountaineering and hiking to fishing and water sports may be on offer.

In Switzerland for winter glamping tourism

In the “heart” of the Swiss Alps there is a glamping retreat that promises to charm the winter sports fan and the traveler who desires a few moments of tranquility beside nature. The reason for an ecological resort whose guests have the opportunity to enjoy their holidays while staying in luxurious accommodation which surely resembles the igloo.

Camping and luxury in the Pyrenees

In Leida, Spain, there is a camp unlike any other in appearance. Visitors sleep in scenes and wake up, enjoying the views of the Pyrenees. However, services that surpass the common standards  place this alternative resort high on the list of glamping resorts in Europe.

Glamping in Indonesia

Those who want to enjoy a quick getaway from Jakarta may stay at one of the great glamping areas that can be found in Bali. There are three types of glamping safari tents adorned with minimalist, modern touches that cater to two to four guests. Aside from having your morning yoga and meditation, other activities that you can do here are paintball, archery, exploring the area with a guide and barbecues in the evening. Alternatively, you can just go to a beach club Bali has in a great variety and spend your day there.

With the demand for alternative accommodation expected to rise year after year and the need for contact with nature increasing, surely it is no surprise that glamping has begun to be established in the tourism sector. Already sites that are geared exclusively to its glamping audience are constantly being created in order to offer their customers the choice and, of course, the top quality stay in locations that under different circumstances, travelers may not have the chance to enjoy.

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