Whenever you look up countries to visit for your next family holiday, no negative publicity is often seen in write-ups you find in magazines or the internet. A tourist destination is often described as a heavenly paradise on Earth that boasts of view you can only imagine. Thus, when tourists arrive in the country or city for their vacation, they’re often oblivious to the dangers that might happen to them.

Dangerous Destinations Around The World Where You May Need Extra Survival Gear

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So, here are some popular and beautiful destinations around the world where you definitely need extra survival gear from a reputable source, such as ReloadYourGear. Also, take time to do extra research to gain more knowledge about your destination and take time for preparation so that nothing bad happens to you.

1. Philippines

The Philippines boasts of beautiful, pristine, blue-water and white sand beaches. Whichever island of the archipelago you decide to visit, there’s definitely a beautiful beach waiting for you to be discovered. The people of the Philippines also boast of their hospitality that’s unrivaled by other nations.

However, the country has a dark side that includes terror-related incidents and kidnapping. Petty crimes are also rampant in cities, like Manila. This resulted in the Philippines always ranking low in terms of safety.

So, when in the Philippines make sure that your safety gear is always working. Also, take note of places you must never visit or places where you need to be extra cautious to prevent untoward incidents.

2. Mexico

Mexico used to be a popular spring break destination for college kids. The country even boasts of luxurious resorts with pristine and clear beaches. However, the country is not that safe to visit anymore as drug problems and homicide cases have continuously risen over the years.

The police force in Mexico is reportedly being paid by drug cartels so any crime that’s related to drugs is usually never solved. So, if you must really visit Mexico for one reason or another, make sure to stay in reputable establishments and try not to go out alone at night.

Make sure you have a survival kit that can help you protect yourself from any attackers that might come your way.

3. India

India is a culturally-diverse country that offers a lot of visually appealing tourist spots as well as a vibrant culture that you cannot help but be awed by it.

But, behind these vibrant cultures is a very violent city with a history of crime and terrorism. Women are especially vulnerable in India as they’re targeted and are often victims of violent sex crimes. The police force is also slow in responding and solving cases and reports of corruption are rampant.

So, be very cautious when visiting India and be in the company of respectable people that you know or have been referred to you. Backpacking on your own is not advised, but if you want to try it, make sure your survival kit is complete and know the emergency numbers to call.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica is also a favorite place to visit by tourists because of the beautiful beaches and amazing tropical weather. Their signature music, reggae, is a perfect background music while chilling at the beach because of its upbeat but laid back style.

However, Jamaica has one of the worst homicide rates in the world, so it’s definitely worth bringing a survival kit that can help you protect yourself on your next visit to any Jamaican beach.

5. South Africa

South Africa not only boasts of beautiful beaches but they also offer safari tours that give you a close encounter with elegant and wild animals native to their countries, like lions, elephants, giraffes, and more.

The experience of being super close to their iconic wildlife already makes you whip out your survival kit, but these tours are mostly safe and are guided by experts who have a vast experience. You also have to follow their rules and never wander on your own to keep yourself safe.

The thing that makes South Africa a dangerous destination though is their unreliable police force. So, if you encounter a criminal incident, you’re probably on your own.

6. Brazil

 South America’s biggest country is Brazil. It’s a country visited by many tourists because of their rich culture, famous tourist destinations, and fun festivals. In Brazil, you can also experience a little bit of the Amazon rainforest and see the unique ecosystem that it offers.

Nightlife in Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro, is also a popular activity for tourists to mingle with locals. However, tourists are advised to be cautious as Brazil has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. So, when going out for a drink, make sure that you’re in a safe place in the city and that you’re with people you trust.

Look Beyond the Beauty

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The beauty of a country or a city is never an indication that they’re safe. For travelers and tourists, it’s expected that you should also be prudent in planning your travels.

Make sure you do intensive background research on your next destination. Know the good side but don’t be blind to their dark and bad side as well. And of course, always exercise caution and be observant of your surroundings; don’t trust easily.


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