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50+ Tips for Wine and Brewery Tours in Umpqua Valley, Oregon

The Umpqua Valley is home to world-class wineries, legendary craft breweries, fun wine tours, great dining options and quaint B&B’s. Below we share the top reasons to visit the amazing wineries and breweries in the Umpqua Valley.

The Umpqua Valley is also a great place for outdoor fun including hiking trails, Crater Lake and Wildlife Safari.

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Umpqua Valley

52 Reasons to Visit the Wineries and Breweries in the Umpqua Valley

There are 12 cities in the Umpqua Basin: Canyonville, Drain, Elkton, Glendale, Myrtle Creek, Oakland, Reedsport, Riddle, Roseburg, Sutherlin, Winston, and Yoncalla.


1. The Umpqua Valley AVA is home to 27 Wineries, 22 tasting rooms and 5 Craft Breweries. Visiting these venues is a great way to learn the history and methods of wine and beer making.

2. Trying different varietals of wine will expand your palate and better help you understand the concept of wine and food pairing.

3. There is a reason your wine glass has a stem. Holding the bottom of your glass in the palm of your hand can raise the wine temperature and alter the flavor.

4. Get back to nature ~ take a stroll in the vineyards, smell the earth, touch the vines and eat a grape.

5. Enjoy a private Barrel Tasting. This is an opportunity that allows you to taste a wine that hasn’t’ been bottled or released yet.

6. Wine touring offers you a chance to buy wines that you may not find at your local supermarket.

7. Did you know Southern Oregon Wine Institute is located in Roseburg? Check it out: www.umpqua.edu/sowi

8. Oregon is famous for its Pinot Noir however; the Umpqua Valley grows over 40 grape varieties.

9. Many of our wineries have gift boutiques so you can purchase a souvenir.

10. Meet the Wine Maker’s ~ most of our wineries are family owned and operated. You will most likely meet the owners on site when you visit.

11. Four (4) tasting rooms give Elkton the most wineries per capita in the Northwest, perhaps in the country. Check them out: www.anindor.com, www.bradleyvineyards.com, www.brandborgwines.com, www.riversedewinery.com.

12. In the Umpqua Valley, it’s all about the wine, not the image. Our winemakers speak more about sustainable farming instead of marketing dynamics.

13. Pedal to the Vineyards ~ join the Umpqua Velo Club and take a bicycle wine tour. It’s a family-friendly group. www.thevineyardtour.com

14. What’s a Motto? www.delfinovineyards.com is “Taste the Place”. Delfino means Dolphin in Italian ~ a dolphin adorns their label.

15. Seven Feathers Casino Resort hosts the Umpqua’s annual “Greatest of the Grape”. It’s Oregon’s longest-running fine wine event bringing thousands of wine lovers to the area.

16. The Umpqua Valley is home to 70 vineyards with plantings that total to over 1,500 acres.

17. Wine tasting etiquette is easier remembered using the five-S theory. See/Sniff/Swirl/Sip/Savor

18. It’s hard to know if you like wine unless you try it first. Visiting a winery is the perfect opportunity to get educated. If you’re a first-time wine taster; start with the light white wines and work slowly to the bold reds. Remember, there is no rule that says you can’t spit wines out. It won’t offend the winery.

19. Short on time but want to taste the Umpqua? Visit the Triple Oak Wine Vault in historic Oakland and sample wines from 7 local wineries. www.tripleoakvineyards.com

20. Take a wine walk in historic Oakland. Purchase and complete a passport to win great prizes ~ wine glass included. November 23rd 12-4pm.

21. What to wear on a wine tour? Remember grape growing is farming. Sturdy shoes are a must if you want to tromp in vineyards. Don’t wear perfume as it can alter your sense of smell and ruin your tasting experience. And last but not least, layering is smart as it can be cool in the morning and get warm as the day progresses.

22. The Umpqua Valley has 19 wineries that are part of the Umpqua Valley Wine Association. Learn more about them & plan a visit!

23. Henry Estate Winery is Kid and Pet-friendly. Many of their events are designed around catering to the whole family. www.henryestate.com

24. Lucille Ball did it ~ so can you !! Attend Melrose Vineyard’s annual “Grape Stomp Celebration” www.melrosevineyards.com.

25. “The very nature of wine touring provides the tourist with the opportunity to experience history, food, culture, new smells, sounds, and tastes. A true combination of culture, lifestyle and territory”. – author unknown

26. Have a question about Umpqua Valley Wine Country? Our wine association is the best. www.umpquavalleywineries.org.

Breweries in the Umpqua Valley

Craft brewing in the Umpqua Valley got it’s start in 1991 when the Umpqua Brewing Company Pub opened it’s doors in downtown Roseburg.

Below are a few of our favorite Umpqua Valley breweries, a few beer facts from the region and of course, reasons why you need to visit Umpqua Valley breweries!

27. What’s in your Craft Beer? The four main ingredients are Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeast. However, depending on the type of beer, wheat, rye and fruit may be added.

28. Read the Brew History of the Umpqua Valley. www.brewbug.com

29. Learn how to make a “Beer Float”. www.thekitchn.com

30. Beer isn’t “just” for Pizza anymore. Pairing craft beer with fine cuisine has become a popular trend in the food industry over the last few years.

31. Have you hugged your “Growler” today? The Growler’s today are ecologically correct unlike the pint-sized steel pails used in the 19th century. Today’s Growlers are two-quart glass jugs that keep our suds fresh for up to 3 days.

32. Craft beer offers many health benefits. Find many reasons you should plan an Umpqua Valley Brewery Tour at www.craftbeer.com .

33. Gather your friends and take a wine or brewery tour!

Fun Facts about Wine & Beer History in the Umpqua Valley

34. The complex topography of the Umpqua Valley is a result of the collision of three mountain ranges of varying age and structure; the Klamath Mountains, the Coast Range and the Cascades.

35. You will find over 150 soil types here that are derived from a mix of metamorphic, sedimentary and volcanic rock. The Valley floor levels are mostly deep alluvial or heavy clay and silt – all excellent for grape growing.

36. German immigrants first began growing grapes in the Elkton area in the late 1800’s but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that commercial growing grapes began.

37. Douglas County is one of two counties that extend from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Range.

38. Richard Sommer was the first commercial grape grower to plant Oregon’s famous Pinot Noir and in 1961 established Oregon’s oldest estate winery www.hillcrestvineyard.com.

Fun Things to do in the Umpqua Valley

39. There is plenty to do in Roseburg after you’ve visited our wineries and breweries. Travel Oregon is our favorite go-to website. www.traveloregon.com.

40. I Bet you didn’t know….. Oakland, Oregon is the Turkey Capital of the Umpqua Valley.

41. Step back in time at Tolly’s Grill and Old Fashioned Soda Fountain in Oakland. www.tollysgrill.com.

42. Planning a wedding? The Vineyards offer beautiful settings for your special day.

43. If you’re visiting the Umpqua Valley during the Fall Season ~ you may have the privilege of seeing what goes into Harvest.

Fun Wine Facts & Sayings

44. The MYTH of Wine Temperature is solved. Serve Whites at 40*-50*F to preserve their freshness and fruitiness Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds should be served at 50*-60* F to pick up more of their complexity. And Full-bodied red wines and Ports should be served at 60*-65*F – cooler than most room temperatures.

45. Quercus suber, commonly called the “Cork Tree”, is a medium-sized evergreen, primarily used for cork in wine bottle stoppers and cork flooring. It is native to Portugal and Spain.

46. It’s rumored that “you can’t make wine without a dog.” Umpqua Valley wine growers LOVE their winery dogs.

47. What is a Bird Banger? It is a propane cannon used in vineyards to scare the birds away and prevent them from eating all the grapes.

48. Terroir defined: a group of vineyards from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and winemaking, which contribute to give its specific personality to the wine.

49. Who designed the Cork Screw? The earliest reference to a corkscrew comes in the early 1700’s where it was called a “steel worm” and used for the drawing of corks out of bottles. Although it can’t be proven, most think it was designed by a gunsmith, based on its similarity to tools made for cleaning the barrel of a musket.

50. “Drink your wine with a happy heart… God approves of this” (“Ecclesiastes 9:7” ) www.reustlevineyards.com

51. A votre santé ~ translated “to your health” Cheers !!

52. Please remember, Oregon has tough laws against drinking and driving. Don’t risk it!

How to Get to the Umpqua Valley

The Umpqua Valley is easy to access! It is just off I-5 and once you make the exit, you’ll be off the beaten path in a matter of minutes.

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