Off the Beaten Track Travel in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe has many hidden gems you probably never even heard of. This side of the continent may not an average travel spot for conventional travelers; and yet, it packs places that can leave you speechless. This part of Europe is fresh, traditional, unique and unexpectedly beautiful. Enjoy an off-the-beaten path experience and uncover its most spectacular cities and places of interest.

Off the Beaten Track Travel in Eastern Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is one of Central Europe’s most stunning cities. Hidden within the most secluded alpine valley and spanning Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana is an architecturally diverse, walkable and truly inspiring travel spot. Bikes populating the cobbled streets, laid back students, lots of cafes & bistros and abundant vegetation make the city a must-see. The vintage-like atmosphere of the Old Town, multitude of museums and galleries, and wealth of bridges will leave you craving for more. Some of Ljubljana’s most interesting attractions are The Castle, Krizanke Open Theater, Dragon Bridge, and Lake Bled where tourists will also stumble upon a fairytale-like castle and lots of pristine hiking spots.

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Zamosc, Poland

Located in Poland, near the country’s border with Ukraine, Zamosc prides with an incredibly unique architecture. The city has a beautiful Italian Renaissance square, as well as numerous buildings and edifices inspired from Italy’s fabulous design. In fact, the whole city was created by a Bernando Mornado, a Padua native. Some would say that this place looks just like Venice, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Devote most of your time to the square and make sure to include the Old Town into your travel itinerary as well. The city’s colorful buildings, detailed architecture and fantastic history might even persuade travelers to come back some day.

Loket, Czech Republic

When in Czech Republic, you might want explore the off-the-beaten path of Loket, a stunning town with the most picturesque landscapes. Onsite, there’s a 14th century castle you cannot miss out, as well as bookbinding museum. To make your trip complete, make some time to purchase a “cuppa”; Loket is well-known for its porcelain souvenirs. Here you’ll find the most authentic porcelain china for your loved ones.

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Mostar, Bosnia

In spite of being heavily damaged in the Balkan War, Mostar has somehow managed to preserve its beauty. Famous for its opulent bridge and Turquoise River, the city packs many places worth checking out. The shiny white stone spread throughout the town, elegant minarets and bombed out buildings are nestled among lots of cafes and shops. Include a visit to the Kravice waterfalls and enjoy glorious swimming opportunities. Among other amazing places you can explore while here, we should also mention the National Theatre, Pavarotti Music Centre, Herzegovina Museum, and the Museum of the Old Bridge.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar’s Old Town is the finest attraction of the city. The picturesque waterfront promenade, and overview of Riva River are absolutely spectacular. Head to the promontory in the evening to watch the most breathtaking sunset, and then hit the Sea Organ at Nikola Basic. Zadar packs numerous traditional bistros and cafes travelers can explore; check out the city’s archipelago (main islands are Dugi, Pag and Ugljan) and walk along the idyllic beaches for some more peace and relaxation.

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St. Petersburg, Russia

No trip to Eastern Europe is complete without a visit to Russia. St. Petersburg in particular, is a spectacular city with lots of places of interest and attractions for travelers of all ages. Packed with stunning architecture and surreal art, St. Petersburg prides with several spectacular museums worth a visit. The Russian Museum for example, spans 4 amazing palaces and it is the home to Russia’s finest collections of art. Everything from original Picasso paintings to Egyptian mummies can be admired here. Make some time to visit Mariinsky Theatre too; and if you can spare some time, attend one of their world-class ballet shows. It will leave you speechless.

Eastern Europe is stunning! The cities, the landscapes, the activities and ultimately, the people will make your trip unforgettable. Explore Eastern Europe off-the-beaten path and have the time of your life admiring its architecture. As opposite to Western Europe, the east is a bit more traditional. The ageless architecture, vintage-like vibes, and splendid surroundings will exceed all your expectations. The best Russian river cruise holidays are here; all you have to do is pick your cities!

Edit: June 9, 2017. We apologize for mis-categorizing some of the above mentioned cities as Eastern European. This was an oversight and we’d like to clarify the which European cities are located in each section:

Eastern Europe: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova

Central Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland

Northern Europe: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Western Europe: Ireland, UK, Monaco, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey (it’s debatable if that’s Europe and/or Asia)

Southeastern Europe: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYRM), Bulgaria, Romania


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