Here is my story of almost two weeks of perfect days in Costa Rica. Last year I found a web site called New Smile Dental in Costa Rica. After investigating with email and phone calls, I encountered only niceness from the people at the dental clinic but so far away. I agreed on a total price for implants and a fixed upper and lower bridge, porcelain, high noble quality. Ex-rays included. My quote from this dental organization was less than one half the cost of my dentist in the states. I already paid thousands for implants and plastic implant dentures. Decided to call it quits. Off to Costa Rica.

By the way you can go anywhere in the world and get fabulous medical and dental care. People are friendly and more security in the streets than you can imagine. Modern hotels as well as true CR hotels. Beautiful tile work and easy living decor. I felt good. Food was excellent and you eat where the locals go. My first perfect day was to agree to go.

Medical tourism is something to look into. A vacation as well as medical or dental. Milena at the clinic booked my room and handled all the necessary paperwork. I was picked up at the airport, delivered to a quaint hotel and was told the next morning was my first appointment.

Getting ready for another perfect day. 9. A.M. I was picked up  and went to an office  which was quite different,  I am 72 years old alone in San Jose going down to an office, but when the doors opened up it was just lovely. Colorful and most modern equipment.  Dr, Mario Bonilla and a staff that seemed glued to him.

Ready to roll I had four appointments that week so there was plenty of time to look around the city. Many tours are available, but staying in town with one of the dental assistants was just enough for me. I did everything.

All the days were perfect, but the last day the entire office was being moved and much was going on. Had my teeth put in and the next day flew home. This was an incredible experience. A year passed and i was having a bite problem. I called them and asked if they would guarantee the work that they did. The answer was yes they would for 8 years.

I went to a prosthodontist who wrote a letter explaining what needed to be fixed. They agreed. One dentist in the U.S. told me it would cost $22,000.00 to do this repair. I couldn’t run fast enough.

Now at 73 years going alone, I booked TACA airlines through AAA and they were great. I booked 12 days, left my car at a Courtyard Marriott and was off. Great flight and staff.

When I arrived the hotel picked me up and the next morning I had my first appointment in a beautiful new office facing a park, colorful modern, latest equipment and a feeling of security.

Five appointments spread over two weeks to make sure there were no mistakes. Plenty of time to meet guests, go to the Central Market District, see and do whatever possible, listen to good music, buy any fruit and groceries in the streets or modern markets. I had a blast. Made friends with people from Canada, Colorado, Bay Area, Brooklyn, Miami, Georgia, Wales etc.

People from all over having all kinds of plastic or dental work done. The hospitals are fabulous. Doctors excellent. If you want it fixed they can do it. I think some insurance companies will pay out of the country. If I went into detail, this article would be five pages long. I can end this with my permanent top bridge removed and replaced at no charge, and 12 perfect days. Staying at the La Sabana Hotel was also an experience. The rooms were dusted and cleaned every day no questions asked for half the price of a Crown Plaza. Floors mopped every hour.  Work constantly going on. Just adding to the perfect medical tourism and a perfect day. I am eating everything in sight. Just got home. So What! Get out and go. A trip to a world of color and beautiful people.

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