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During a trip to Lafayette, Louisiana for Mardi Gras, I challenged myself to pack in one bag. I have done one bag travel before, but this time my goal was to do one bag carry-on. This might not seem like a big challenge, but for me it was.

I’ll admit it, I tend to over-pack. One-bag travel meant having to pack with a minimal state of mind. Along with my clothes, it also meant packing my cosmetics, toiletries, and laptop in one bag.  

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Packing with a Knack bag

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Luggage Review: Large Expandable Knack Pack

One of the biggest challenges for any frequent traveler is packing. It can be difficult to find a bag that fits all of your essentials and is still stylish as well as easy to carry. Knack is an exciting brand that specializes in sleek bags that don’t sacrifice storage space.

While this backpack works perfectly for everyday use, it’s also a great choice for the discerning traveler. The expandable design means you can fit everything you need for a long weekend trip without needing to check a bag if you are flying.

I packed for a 5 day trip to Lafayette in February. This is a tricky month in Louisiana because some days were beautiful and warm and some felt like winter. This meant I would need clothes for a variety of weather; rain, wind, cold and warm. 

Large Knack Backpack

In the large expandable Knack Pack I was able to pack the following: 

  • Anatomie Travel Jacket
  • 3 Skirts
  • 1 Pant
  • 7 Tops
  • Underwear & Bra
  • 1 Pair of Shoes
  • Socks
  • Cosmetics, toiletries
  • Hairbrush and my favorite & magical hair straightener 
  • Wish Garden Herbal Supplements (I always bring & use Kick-Ass Immune to stay healthy when I travel) You can find it on Amazon 

One Bag Travel Backpack

Knack Bag fits under seat on airplane

The bags are very functional and durable and to top it off they are also really nice looking!  The above photo shows the bag in the overhead compartment on the airplane. You can see there is plenty of room for this bag even on flights with smaller overhead spaces. The Knack bag also fits under the seat on airplanes. 

Versatile: It’s a Backpack, Shoulder Bag, and Slips on Luggage Handle

The Knack Pack can be carried by the handle or turned into a backpack by attaching the included shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are padded, adjustable, and comfortable. There is also a pocket in the back so the bag can be slipped over the handle on a suitcase.   

Knack Pack Compartments: Function and Fashion

Get to know your knack pack

The compartments are super practical and include:

  • Main compartment with extra pockets for organization
  • Hidden Suitcase compartment
  • Main compartment tablet pocket
  • Phone pocket
  • Passport, Pen & ID Holder
  • Cord compartment
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Padded computer side pocket
  • Zippers offer compartment expansion for packing and travel

Features: Trolley sleeve, card organizer, key holder, water-resistant fabric and zippers, lockable zippers

Large Expandable Knack Pack Overview

Large Expandable Knack Pack for travel

Dimensions: 21.5 x 14 x 4.5 inches unexpanded, 21.5 x 14 x 9.5 inches expanded

Volume: 22 liters unexpanded, 37 liters expanded

Weight: 3 pounds, 4 ounces

Fabric: 1200 denier water-resistant polyester with stain-resistant and antimicrobial 150D nylon fabric lining

Color: Available in Savile Grey or Stealth Black with printed orange lining

Why Choose the Large Expandable Knack Pack?

There are so many reasons why this backpack is a great choice for traveling or just for your day-to-day needs. Here are the benefits of using a Knack Pack for your trip.

  • It’s easy to carry on a plane. One of the challenges of traveling frequently is finding a bag that can fit all of your essentials, but that you won’t need to check during a flight. This bag is excellent because it can fit all of your electronics as well as outfits for three to four days, but it still fits in the overhead compartment on a plane. If you don’t use the expandable compartment, you can also fit it under the seat in front of you. It also has a hidden trolley sleeve, which you can use to attach the backpack to a larger rolling bag if you are traveling with more luggage.
  • It’s durable and water-resistant. When you travel frequently, you’re exposing your luggage to the elements, so you need something that’s durable enough to handle the pressure. Both the fabric and the zippers are water-resistant, and the inside lining is anti-microbial, so it’s very easy to keep clean. The exterior fabric is very strong and is tested to carry loads of up to 40 pounds. While it doesn’t come with a lock, the zippers are designed to hold one, so you can keep your backpack completely secure.
  • There are plenty of compartments to help you stay organized. When you’re on the road, you don’t want to have to dig through your bag to find the essentials you need. This backpack has several different compartments specifically for certain items, making it feel more secure. The laptop compartment fits computers up to 17 inches and is padded to prevent damage. The main compartment also has a padded tablet holder. Other notable compartments include a cord storage space, a sunglasses case, and a water bottle pocket.
  • It has an incredibly stylish design. The exterior of the backpack is inspired by classic suit tailoring and will work nicely with any outfit. It’s professional enough to bring to the office but is still trendy enough to wear outside of work as well. The interior has a fun orange and white print to add a pop of color to the overall look.
  • Double Duty! Use it for Daytrips too. The bag expands beyond belief which is incredible for packing for the entire trip. Once you arrive at your destination and unpack, you can zip up all the zippers and it becomes a great bag for sightseeing. 

If you’re a regular traveler, or just want a durable and stylish bag to use for work, this is a great option. The Knack Pack has room for all of your travel essentials, but it’s sleek and very easy to carry. The bag is available for purchase via Knack’s website

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  1. The expandable piece is KEY! There have been so many times I’ve been thrilled to be able to make my bag bigger — or smaller!

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