30 Tips for Long Distance Family Bike Trips

family biking trip

1. Make distances kid-friendly

2. Keep kids in the loop

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3. Eat Frequently

4. Make sure bike and clothes fit properly

5. Keep snacks in cut-off water bottle on handlebar

6. Make list of daily chores during trip

7. Have kids help with decisions

8. Study the map with kids

9. Get plenty of sleep

10. Take advantage of cool hours when hot

11. Take advantage of warmer times when cold

12. When you have a tailwind – ride fast and far

13. Take lots of breaks

14. Don’t ride against a headwind – it’ll only wear you out

15. Keep distances manageable for all

16. Take lots of days off

17. Take time to smell the roses

18. Learn something in every single place you go

19. Eat local food

20. Encourage the kids to play with local children

21. Carry layers, layers, and more layers

22. Play games during breaks

23. Have smaller, weaker children on tandem

24. Take advantage of cultural events wherever you are

25. Pack equipment in waterproof bags

26. Try to avoid winter

27. Plan lots of time off the bikes

28. Ask permission to set up your tent in unusual places

29. Give your child lots and lots of hugs

30. Choose roads with wide shoulders

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