With high desert temperatures and constant sunshine, a cup of coffee might be the last thing on your mind when you visit Palm Springs. For those who are looking for their morning java there are a handful of local coffee shops and restaurants that serve coffee that’s so good, you won’t notice the temperatures. Here are five places in Palm Springs that serve the best coffee the city has to offer.

This coffee house is one of the best in the city and for good reason. With an impressive menu of espresso drinks, tea and smoothies, Koffi truly offers something for everyone. The java choices at Koffi include European and American espresso, drip coffees ranging from organic mild to Swiss water processed decaf, and a long list of espresso drinks. The quality of their beverages is exceptional and so are the friendly baristas behind the counter. If it seems like they know everyone’s name, it’s probably because they do: Koffi boasts an impressive amount of regulars. Koffi also freshly bakes an assortment of pastries each day, including coffeecake, muffins and brownies. Hungry patrons can try a grilled Panini or low-fat wrap. The cafe draws on the mid-century modern tones that define Palm Springs. The decor provides the perfect setting for chatting over cappuccinos or catching up on work while enjoying on a honey vanilla latte. Pull up a chair in the courtyard behind the cafe to relax away from the bustle of the main street.

Espresso Cielo
For an upscale coffee house in Palm Springs with a sophisticated atmosphere and full-bodied espresso beverages, head to Espresso Cielo in downtown. This cafe maintains a European feel that invites patrons to drink in both their coffee and the atmosphere. Espresso Cielo serves a bold, rich espresso that blends smoothly in their beverages, but be warned: They serve the realm fully-caffeinated deal. If you visit the cafe at night but don’t want to up until 2 am, opt for decaf. Enjoy your drink in-house, served in a distinct blue cup that plays on the cielo; Spanish for sky namesake. Locals love this coffee house for their selection of organic 49th Parallel Coffee and Over the Rainbow cupcakes, brought in fresh from the bakery’s local shop. Try both while relaxing in this chic cafe.

Ignition Coffee and Hookah Lounge
Ignition is a quirky lounge with the laidback vibe of a favorite neighborhood hangout. In addition to coffee, Ignition serves a variety of hookah tobacco and has a Middle Eastern menu that features pita pizza, baklava, grape leaves and falafel. The lounge also offers free WiFi and patio seating, perfect for relaxing and people-watching with a cup of one of their affordable coffee blends. Ignition’s iced coffees are a customer favorite and can be customized with their large selection of flavors. Cheeky’s Cheeky’s restaurant serves the best coffee to compliment your breakfast or brunch. They offer organic, fair trade coffee from Monkey & Son and have a short but sweet selection: Drip, French press, latte or espresso. The drip coffee is strong but not bitter, and is served in a large mug so you’re not constantly on the lookout for a refill. The iced coffee is served in a cute glass shaped like a boot, and if you order the French press they’ll bring the actual press to your table to brew it fresh and to your taste. Refills are included and if there’s a long wait when you go, as there often is on weekends, you can enjoy a cup while you wait.

Palm Greens Cafe
This organic cafe prides itself on serving fresh ingredients, and their coffee is no exception. Palm Greens Cafe serves a delicious cup of organic coffee, but the true star of their java selection is the iced Thai coffee, a creamy caffeinated treat with a lot of spice. One of these iced drinks is the perfect refreshment for a hot desert day in Palm Springs.

What & Where
Koffi (5151 N. Palm Canyon Dr; 760-416-2244)
Espresso Cielo (245 S. Palm Canyon Dr; 760-327-9050)
Ignition Coffee and Hookah Lounge (123 N. Palm Canyon Dr; 760-778-4477) Cheeky’s (622 N. Palm Canyon Dr; 760-327-7595)
Palm Greens Cafe (611 S. Palm Canyon Dr; 760-864-9900)