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New York’s Best Fall Flavors

There is definitely something about fall in New York City that heightens all five senses.

The sounds, the smells, and the feel of the energy flowing through the crisp air can only make this bustling town ever more energetic. It is this time of year that New Yorkers are salivating more than ever, and here is why: Green Market Vegetables In New York, the most popular or well-known green market would have to be Union Square. What many people don’t take advantage of is the abundance of green markets that all five boroughs have to offer. Regardless of which market you visit, farmers are happy to share their fall harvests of delicious fruits and vegetables.

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An article in itself can be written on the bountiful fall items that are grown and sold each year. Fall favorites that can be served both savory and sweet are: squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti), Brussels sprouts (the addition of smoky bacon just makes delicious even more so), fresh figs, root vegetables (turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery root, parsnips), apples, pears, pumpkin, and the list can go on. For more information on New York green markets, visit: www.grownyc.org)

Restaurants with Truly Seasonal Menus
It really bothers me when I read at the bottom of a restaurant menu: Menu items local, seasonal, and organic when available. Seasonal? Seasonal items should always be available especially in New York (Green Markets,remember?). Here is a list of restaurants in New York City that are a must-try for seasonality:
Park Avenue Autumn (100 East 63rd Street, (212) 644-1900) not only transforms their menu but the entire décor of the dining room. Get there quick, as with fall in New York, the restaurant will quickly turn to winter.
The Little Owl (90 Bedford Street, (212) 741-4695) captures neighborhood dining in New York. Their small and cozy dining room has found its niche with Greenwich Village diners. Casual yet focused.
Northern Spy Food Co. (511 East 12th Street, (212) 288-5100) is named after one of New York’s classic heirloom apples, the Northern Spy. How fitting for, The Big Apple?
Gramercy Tavern (42 East 20th Street, (212) 477-0777) is quickly becoming a New York classic. Don’t worry; the man in the white jacket at the green market is just the chef. Hint, hint.

Hot Chocolate
Maybe it is the holidays festering in the air, but there is something about a cup hot chocolate that gets butterflies in my tummy. The definite top favorite hot chocolate locations amongst New Yorkers would have to be (all based on flavor, consistency, and satisfaction; listed in no particular order):
Vosges (1100 Madison Avenue, (212) 717-2929) or (132 Spring Street, (212) 625-2929)
Jacques Torres Chocolate (350 Hudson Street, (212) 414-2462)
La Maison de Chocolate (1018 Madison Avenue, (212) 744-7117) or (30 Rockefeller Plaza, (212) 265-9404)
Mariebelle (484 Broome Street, (212) 925-6999)

Braised Meats
If there were anything that I could eat my body weight in (besides cashews) it would have to be any meat that has been braised or slow cooked. Think Sunday dinners where the meal has cooked all day in just one pot. In many years past, these types of dishes were considered peasant, which are now looked at as comfort.

One of my most favorites would have to be the French inspired Pot au Feu (translating to pot on fire). A bowl full of slow cooked short ribs alongside carrots, onion, turnips, and leeks are accompanied by the necessary condiments of: Dijon mustard, rock salt, and cornichon. If your mouth is watering and you love to cook here is a Recipe for Pot au Feu.

There are a number of old school butchers in the city, (with many residents claiming the establishment in their neighborhood is the top) offering some of the finest cuts, but some with a higher price tag.
Ottomanelli & Sons (285 Bleeker Street, (212) 675-4217)
Gramercy Meat Market (383 B 2nd Avenue, (212) 481-1114)
Lobels (1096 Madison Avenue, (877) 783-4512)

With the last strike out of the World Series under sports fans belts, enthusiasts televisions can now be fully tuned-in to football. Feel free to walk in to any neighborhood pub off the street, but in New York there are certain bars that are designated for everybody to know your name, as well as the football team you are rooting for. Some of the best bars in New York for football:

Jets? Or Giants? Uh hum,just about any bar you come across depending on which team the bartender favors.

Patriots? The Hairy Monk (337 3rd Avenue, (212) 532-2929) Acclaimed Bostonian Bar in the middle of Manhattan. Featuring $5 Sam Adams during the games.

Cowboys? Stone Creek (140 East 27th Street, (212) 532-1037) this is where hardcore Cowboy fans meet-up to watch America’s team play, win or lose.

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