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The 5 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens of Cornwall, England

The real wonders of Cornwall begin with its luscious botanical undertakings. Those that failed to visit some of the gardens might have denied themselves one of the most extravagant experiences in the entire United Kingdom. Below are the 5 most beautiful botanical gardens in Cornwall that are worthy of a visit!

You may know Cornwall, England for its renowned chefs, amazing pasties, saffron buns, heavy cake, and clotted cream topping. Or you may know Cornwall for it’s dramatic cliffs, cozy cottages, ravishing meadows, and the Legends of King Arthur. We’d love for you to know Cornwall for it’s beautiful gardens as well!

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Botanical Gardens of Cornwall

5 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens of Cornwall, England

The Eden Project 

Flourishing under the Cornish sun, you’ll see immensely diverse climates and environments, carefully collected from around the globe. From tropical rainforest plants to Mediterranian olive groves, South African lemons and oranges, sunflower gardens, these all collide in an ambitious and grandiose high-tech architectural project. 

This crater the size of 30 football pitches is not just a place for nature to grow and flourish but people as well. Eden also provides an unexpected and unique education and insights into the relationship between man and the surrounding plant life. This can be fun and educational for kids, priming them for a sustainable future.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens bear their name after being found actually. At the beginning of the 20th century, these two centuries old gardens have been dug up and restored on a shoestring budget. But now they are one of the best-known gardens in the UK, popular yet lost in another time. 

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Here you’ll walk the once overgrown pathways still echoing the Romantic Victorian spirit, a footfall echo in the memory down the passage which we did not take. The exotic air conflates the gardens, with lurking beats of jungle drums, banana plantations, bamboo tunnels, and quaint woodland sculptures. The native fauna submerges in the floral overgrowth, making you immerse in a lively yet strange oasis in time.

Trebah Gardens

Trebah Gardens

Trebah Gardens are recognized worldwide as one of the greatest botanical attractions, rated the highest by the reviews, and very accessible. Whether you’re with family or pets, you can visit the garden whole year round, and every season brings its own flavor with it. Look for the nearby Cornish Holiday Cottages in Falmouth to get the best possible experience.

This four-mile ravine garden, half valley half jungle is brimming with lively flora, from rhododendron hedges to bamboo and gunnera. There’s a natural spring cascading down the Koi pool, and if that’s not enough, the sub-tropic tunnels lead you to the secluded beach on the Helford River. 

Trelissick Gardens 

Trelissick Gardens 

Trelissick is a waterside estate, much gentler in its air than the former, tropical extravaganza. This tranquil oasis is home to year-round colorful blooms, notably camellias, rhododendrons, various photinia, and azaleas.

This 400 acres wide paysage springs with serenity and is perfect for walkers who enjoy the calm and getting lost in thought. A footbridge and water towers hide below the oak and beech canopies, and below the shade of conifers. If you love being overwhelmed by vast views, the house is both a place both for such appreciation and for rest. 



Cothele is a sight to behold, both of natural and cultural interest. Being a preserved house of Tudor, built mainly between the years of 1485–1627, it is verving with historical artifacts, tapestries, and armors that can be found in the house. England’s oldest domestic clock can be found here in its original position.

The garden itself is a mixture of the formal and natural with terrace gardens upfront and orchard and lily ponds in the back. Here you’ll find the remnants of medieval spirit dwelling in stone dovecotes and stew ponds. You can stroll down the Tamar riverside and the Cotehele Quay, to cool off and enjoy the woodland steeped in light blossom smells.

There are dozens more gardens and sights to see in Cornwall, like the Glendurgan Garden labyrinths, the cliffside Minack Theatre, Land’s End landmark attraction and many more. Be sure to give yourself time for sightseeing as no matter how much time you spare, you won’t be able to exhaust the sights of Cornwall.

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