5 Awesome and Romanic Honeymoon Destinations

As you go about planning your honeymoon, it’s important to keep your mind a bit open. While it may be fun to find an ideal location like Fiji and simply relax for a few weeks, it might also be a good idea to spend one week in Fiji, and one week in New Zealand.

You might spend the whole honeymoon traveling, seeing the world, and having adventures.

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Honeymoon destination ideas
Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

You Don’t Have To Stay In One Place: 1 Destination vs Several 

There are so many out-of-this-world locations for a destination wedding as well as a honeymoon. Whether you choose the gorgeous white sand beaches at one of Aruba’s all-inclusive resorts or take a Serengeti safari, below are some ideas to spark your inspiration!

Honeymoon destination ideas
Image by Holger Detje from Pixabay

5 Great Honeymoon Destinations

Certainly, the sort of honeymoon you plan will be most enjoyable should it match the preferences of you and your new spouse. The truth is, though, you’re both different people. There are going to be things both of you prefer which may be at odds. If you look at multiple destinations, you might just be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Honeymoon destination ideas
Image by tigertravel from Pixabay

Regardless of whether you feel like traveling continuously, or you want to just enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful place for a while, doing a little research beforehand makes a lot of sense. Following, a few possible honeymoon destinations will be explored to help stimulate your imagination.

1. Banff, Canada

Canada has a lot of pristine beauty that draws tourists from around the world. Especially if your wedding is in late spring or summer, Banff, Canada has a lot to offer. It’s an idyllic little mountain town with a huge castle-like resort, hiking, biking, shopping, and dining. The air is crisp, brisk, and invigorating. Excitement lives in the air, and prices are generally affordable.

2. Thailand

While you can use crowdfunding options like Honeyfund to help get more resources for your honeymooning, you can stretch those resources even further if you go to places that aren’t unreasonably expensive. Canada is quite affordable. So are the Philippines, and many places in Thailand.

3. China

China can actually be affordable too; though it’s a bit over-adventurous for most honeymooners. Meanwhile, Banff isn’t too small to be boring, but it’s in a familiar enough location as to be comfortable, while simultaneously being more affordable than more traditional honeymoon spots like Paris, or many more mainstream resorts.

4. Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Bonaire has one of the world’s premier scuba diving resorts. The island looks like a miniature Africa but facing the other direction. On the south of the island is a beautiful and pristine tropical lagoon. Along the west coast, a coral reef stretches right to the shore of the island. There are resorts with scuba diving facilities right on the temperate water.

You and your new spouse take a safety course or two, then suit up and explore the deep whenever it suits you. Many tours and guided dives are additionally available. The island is small enough to drive around in a few hours, and there’s much to explore. Prices are comparable to an average Midwestern town in America—generally.

5. The Redwoods Of North California

The Redwoods can be warm or cool, meaning you might need to change clothing. For wardrobe options that work in multiple different social situations, see these convertible dress ideas as well as these additional convertible dress ideas on Amazon. Still, that kind of clothing will be reserved for the nightlife in Eureka, California. When you’re hiking through the towering redwoods, you’ll want an appropriate dress.

The most pristine trails—ones you don’t have to pay to walk—are north and south of Eureka. One or two go right on out to the coast. If you’ve never seen the Redwoods before, it can be exceptionally romantic, humbling, memorable, and fun.

Finding Your Best Honeymoon Location

At the end of the day, where you go and what you do for your honeymoon depends on what you want. Look around. Perhaps crowdfund yourself. If it’s reasonable, travel to multiple locations. The important thing is that you and your future spouse have a fun time exploring the world together.

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