Type:                Outdoor Market
Location:         Downtown (located in Waterfront Park and Ankeny Plaza in
                         historic Old Town)
Phone:             Weekdays 503.222.6072/ Weekends 503.241.4188
Website:          www.saturdaymarket.org/
Price:               Free
Calendar:        28 Feb – 24 Dec 2009; Weekends only (annual)
                         Closed 25 – March 5

Credit Cards:  Varies by Vendor

52 Perfect Days Articles Including the Portland Saturday Market:   
Portland’s Old Town, Chinatown and Saturday Market    

The Market offers a unique opportunity for customers to meet the artist as well as see one of a kind pieces created in the artist’s booth. Over 250 small businesses and individuals artists from across the NW region gather each week for the Saturday/Sunday event with live music and a plethora of exotic foods that will satisfy everyone’s appetites.