Taking surfing lessons in Hawaii is a safe and fun experience with Hawaiian Surfing Adventures!

We provide quality surf instruction in beautiful Hanalei Bay, Kauai, creating the memory of a lifetime. What makes us stand out from the competition? Our surf instructors are lifeguard certified, the lessons include top of the line surf boards and leashes/custom rash guards and our instructors are all big wave riders themselves. Yet, they know how to make sure your experience is fun while you accomplish your goal of surfing.

General information on surf lessons:

-Each session with Hawaiian Surfing Adventures are 2 Hours. -Often times mornings are best for wave quality and there is less wind, but also there is less of a crowd. Afternoons we try to have 2pm be our last lesson time because the Island children get home from school and want to head to the beach to practice their skills and we don’t want to bum them out. Our schedule is usually close to the following:

First 1/2 hour-We use soft-top surfboards as our equipment-Watch the ocean and the waves together and talk about ocean safety-Teach paddle and positioning yourself on the board. -Teaching you to start reading the waves.Remainder 1 1/2 hour
-We will get you out in the ocean and help you learn to stand up-Talk with you about the world of surfing and some basic rules when surfing-Answer your questions.

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