To receive maximum exposure and revenue from Google Adsense
make sure to follow these tips:

1. If you haven’t already signed up be sure to add Google Adsense to your profile – that is your first step. Scroll to the bottom of this page to Compensation for instructions

2. Once you have signed up, and added your Google Adsense id to your profile on your contributor page, then click on the google ads once or twice for your article(s) and then check your google account to make sure it is seeing and recording your hits. After that – don’t click on the google ads yourself- they can tell. BUT—you can tell friends and family to click away!!

3. Forward your article links to friends and family and travel lovers and ask them to forward it on to their travel loving friends.

a.)At the bottom of each article immediately above your photo and contributor info is a ‘share’ button. Add your story directly to delicious, digg, myspace, twitter, etc. This is a great way to share your work and earn more revenue for your stories.
b.) I have found StumbleUpon to be especially good for potentially lots of traffic. If you haven’t joined lately, it is one of my favorites! If you Stumble one of your own stories, make sure to ‘share’ it with me. I’ll stumble it back and review it.

– make sure to add 52perfectdays as your stumble friend after you join!

5. If you have a personal website or blog take a few minutes to upload a snippet of your 52perfectdays article and don’t forget to post the URL back to the full article.