Personal Info:

Full Name: ____________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________

Phone Number: __________________________

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City you live in: ___________________________

I want to become a guide for this city: ______________________

How did you hear about 52 Perfect Days? (a friend, twitter, facebook, internet search, etc)

Experience and Qualifications

Tell us your level of understanding of the following:

Preparing, uploading photos
Creating hyperlinks
Embedding videos
Online promotion (e.g. Digg, Stumble, Twitter)

What experiences or credentials do you have that qualify you to write as a city guide? Share a bit of your writing background (feel free to include URL links to articles you have published). Tell us how long you have lived in your city and why you are the best person to share info about this location.


Give us a few ideas of articles you would want to focus on? What are some of your perfect days you would share with readers?



Writing Sample

Write a mini version of a perfect article focusing on the city you are applying for (no more than 500 words). Here is a link to our guidelines, so you are clear about our style. Also, feel free to read a few articles posted on the site for an ever better idea of what we are looking for.


Once complete, submit all information to the editor.