Packing for a trip can be a challenge. You want to make sure you remember to pack the essentials, which can sometimes result in over-packing and running out of room in your suitcase.

When space is a premium, consider packing these multiple use items in your suitcase to save space in your luggage.

• Fabric softener sheets. These can not only freshen the inside of your suitcase when tucked between clothes, but also can mitigate static cling and flyaway hairs when rubbed against fabric or hair.

• Hotel shampoos and conditioners. If your hotel provides a brand or type you particularly enjoy, be sure to snag a bottle or two and keep it in your luggage. The shampoo can also make a good laundry detergent to hand wash small items, and the conditioner can be used as shaving cream in a pinch.

• Baby wipes. Use these to freshen yourself up or to wipe down dirty surfaces.

• Pashmina. A pashmina can serve as a blanket on a chilly airplane, a wrap or shawl, a skirt or even a pillow.

• Toilet seat covers. These can come in handy not only for their intended use, but also make good blotting sheets for oily skin.

• Lotion. A small bottle of lotion can be used as moisturizer, or can eliminate static cling in your hair or clothes – just rub a small amount into your hands and use them to smooth down the areas where you’re experiencing static cling.

Packing is never easy, but with these items you can save precious space in your luggage without sacrificing items.

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