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Find the best travel tips from the world’s top travel bloggers.


We’ve compiled a great list of travel tips from some of the top travel bloggers in the world. Before you take off on your next travel adventure, make sure to read these travel tips!

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1. Pack empty plastic bags on road trips, in a carry-on – from Ziplocs to grocery bags. For wet swimsuits, runaway crayons. Garbage bag=rain poncho. @travelingmamas

2.  If you want to cut down waiting time getting your bags when you land, mark your check in baggage with the FRAGILE sticker. These are usually loaded onto the plane last and removed from the plane earliest. @thetravelfool

3. Check with your cell phone company to verify you’ll have service if you’re headed out of the country. It’ll save you bill anxiety later on and could even surprise you since some companies have worldwide service at no extra charge. @marceacazel

4. When traveling with kids, dress them in neon so they’re easily spotted in the crowd of blacks and browns. @lafamilytravel

5. Pack an extension cord along with any power adapters/converters. Plugs in the room never seem to be plentiful or where you need them. @voyagewriters

6. Download the Mobile Passport App before your next trip abroad. Speed through customs at 26 US airports and 3 cruise ports. @Gransonthego

7. If you are traveling with kids, particularly young kids, minimize logistics and stress with fewer accommodation changes. Ideally, check into a single hotel, resort, or rental that can be your home base for a week or more. @CiaoBambinoInc

8. Tell your kids, when they’re trying to get your attention in a crowd of families, to use your real name if you’re not responding. It turns out there are lots of moms with the first name “mom”. @lafamilytravel

9. If you are traveling to Europe from the United States, minimize driving time the day you land. Your first stop should be within an hour or two of the airport, even if your flight gets in before noon. It’s easy to feel disoriented after getting off a transatlantic flight and driving in a foreign country can be stressful and confusing, even for those that are well-rested. @CiaoBambinoInc

10. The concierge at large, city-based hotels may not be a reliable source of insider information on restaurants and shopping (it is not unusual for them to get “referral” kickbacks from those they recommend). Do, however, use the concierge for reservations—they may have special access to tables or tickets that you wouldn’t have on your own. @CiaoBambinoInc

11. When traveling overseas, I always pack a few washcloths. Many hotels don’t offer. Also, extra plastic bags for toiletries/wet clothes. @ladivaloca

12. Leave copies of your itinerary, passport, and visa with family/friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency. @VacationInfo

13. When choosing a hotel, spend money on location close to mass transit. You’ll save money on cab fares and rental cars, and you will be greener, too. @AKNickerson

14. When on the road, use Twitter to capture thoughts & impressions. You’ll thank yourself later (& you can always delete them!). @MissExpatria

15. My tip is to stay in an apartment. Often ends up being cheaper and more
comfortable & lets you live like a local. @romephotoblog

16. Green Travel Tip: On Vacation? Rent a Bike, Have Fun & Save the Earth @WilcoxTravel

17. Reduce Travel Stress, Take 2 days extra leave on key Holiday Periods, and use either side for traveling to the destination. @littlenomads

18. Always bring a hair tie and bandaids! @TravelingAnna

19. Wear your heaviest/bulkiest shoes and jacket on the plane. Helps with space & weight in your luggage. @MyMelange

20. Bring binoculars on every trip. From a concert to a hike or a whale watching trip they always seem to come in handy. @52perfectdays.

21. Forgot your knife? Dig into your cosmetic bag. Dental floss can be used to cut cheese, soft rolls, hard boiled eggs and muffins. @journeywoman

22. A well-written travel diary can capture more memories than photography alone, but when keeping a travel journal, write fast and do not try to create your best writing ever. In the middle of an exciting trip, your time to write is limited. If you dwell too long on flowery phrasing, perfect punctuation, or writing down “everything” that happens, you risk overwhelming yourself and giving up on your journaling completely. If you want to write well-crafted travel essays, great, but wait until you’re home to fine-tune your journals. During your journey, splash as much detail onto your pages as quickly as you can, and then get back to the adventures around you. @globejotter

23. When flying carry Neosporin. Rub a bit around your nose at take-off so you don’t pick up any germs circulating around the plane. @52perfectdays

24. I always carry dental floss and duct tape. Together they can repair just about everything on any trip, from luggage mishaps to problems with hiking boots. @jcreaturetravel

25. Consider traveling to popular destinations in the off-season. Sign up for cvb enewsletters – many of them contain coupons and other discounts.@travelinggal

26.Bring bubble wrap and packing tape when you travel in case you find treasures that cannot be resisted. @TravelSavvyMom

27. I can confirm that over-packing is the number one cause for regret when you travel. Buy a smaller bag than you think you need and think twice before buying any new toys, because those small, expensive items are seldom used and eat into your daily budget. When you go to make a purchase ask yourself, “How many days of travel is this worth?” and you’ll quickly find out how valuable it is! @craig_martin

28. Shoes are the enemy. Take only shoes that can be used for a range of uses and even then, take as few pairs as possible to free up weight and space in your bags. @julianoshea

29. Check and double check your flight time and dates, when leaving late at night or early in the morning. This is particularly critical when making the most of cheap fares on discount airlines. @julianoshea

30. This tip is mainly for an extended, once-in-a-lifetime trip with another person. When packing split your items into two piles (one pair of pants in each, for example) and then each of you pack one pile in each bag. That way if a bag goes missing, both will be able to get through until it is returned! @goodtugo

31. When heading to an all-inclusive. Pack a large plastic cup or thermos. Instead of those three-gulp plastic cup drinks that are highly wasteful and perform poorly for inebriation purposes, you’ll be saving Mother Earth AND enjoying your time that much more. @lindsayford

32. When you arrive at your airplane seat, spray down and wipe the tray, headrest and armrests with a tea tree oil and lemon essential oils combo. You can make your own in a base of distilled water in a travel sized spray bottle. It’ll smells nice and act like an anti-microbial, killing all the germs left behind by previous passengers. Also, use a saline nasal spray with Xylitol called Xlear before and after your flight. The xylitol will prevent any airborne germs from sticking to your mucus membranes. @lafamilytravel 

33. Pack a travel poncho or umbrella and a small sweater or windbreaker. No matter where you’re going or what time or year it is, you never know when you’ll hit a pop-up rain shower. And museums and restaurants can tend to be chilly. @marceacazel

34. If traveling overseas contact your ATM card or Credit Card provider prior to travel and give them the dates and locations so your card won’t be flagged for potential fraud use. Also when using ATM machines overseas use the ones at a bank not random ones found on the street. @thetravelfool 

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  1. Perhaps everyone (but me!) is aware of this makes-NO-or-little-sense factoid but here it is: Your passport expiration date is not TRULY your passport expiration date. From the State Department website: “Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip.”
    Bottom line: You really should renew your passport six months PLUS the length of your trip before your passport’s state expiration date (so, e.g., eight months if you’re spending two months abroad).
    Makes NO sense to me – but there it is!

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