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52 Reasons to Visit the Queen Mary

How big is she? How old is she? Who built her and how long did she sail for? Learn about the fascinating history this GIANT oceanliner has. Here are 52 Reasons to visit as well as some fun facts:

1. History – The Queen Mary departed Southampton for her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936.

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2. Arrived in Long Beach, California: 10:00 a.m. Saturday, December 9, 1967

3. Investigate Paranormal Activity – Prepare for the unexpected, visitors have often reported forms of unnatural activity, including audible sounds, smells, temperature changes and occasionally, visual activity aboard the Queen Mary.

4. Art Deco – Wander around the ship to see decoration, artwork and furniture in the Art Deco style.

5. Sir Winston’s -Winner of the The Southern California Restaurant Writers Golden Sceptre Award for Continental Cuisine. Dine at the elegant 5-star restaurant with a panoramic harbor view.

6. Celebrity-Walk the same halls as Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, & Liberace.

7. Stay at the hotel-No two rooms are alike! The hotel’s 314 original staterooms span three decks and include eight full suites. Each cabin is uniquely appointed, and embellishments vary to include rich wood paneling; Art Deco built-ins; original artwork; and, portholes for outside cabins.

8. Amazing Views.

9. Get Married, or come to the ship for a unique wedding

10. See the first-class swimming pool on the “R” Deck, it is now said to be haunted, but in it’s heyday it contained 108 tons of salt water, which could be emptied or filled in a span of 25 minutes.

11. Take a picture with one of the ship’s Captains.

12. See the enormity of the ship-The Queen Mary stretches 1,019.6 feet in length, taller than the Washington Monument (555 feet) and the Eiffel Tower (983.5 feet)

13. A drink at the Observation Bar taking in the spectacular view

14. Hear the horns-as far as 10 miles away.

queen mary long beach, california brunch

15. Sunday Champagne Brunch in the Grand Salon, which used to be the ship’s original first class dining room

16. Engine Room

17. Wheelhouse

18. Get a Queen Mary smoke stack coffee mug

19. Officer’s Quarters

20. Wireless Room

21. See the masterpiece that took 300,000 craftsmen 3 years, 1 month and 23 days to complete

22. Festivals and events – wear a kilt at the Scottish Festival in February

23. Isolation Ward

24. Propeller Box displaying the only remaining propeller

25. Ghosts and Legends – special effects, walk-through show created aboard the ship that dramatizes actual paranormal and historic events that have been reported over the years.

26. Chelsea Restaurant – Fresh seafood specialties are the Chelsea’s hallmark. Savor harbor views, impeccable service and award-winning cuisine.

27. We are the only thing like us in the world

28. Shopping-Visit one of the unique shops located on the Promenade deck and pick up a unique treasure.

29. Ring in the New Year at the Annual Queen Mary New Year’s Eve event complete with fireworks.

30. Have an event aboard – it’s a unique place to have a corporate meeting, group retreat, or birthday dinner.

31. Visit the Art Gallery

32. World War II Tour – Learn the history of the ship that played an important role during the war transporting 15,883 troops and crew.

33. Ring the Queen Mary bell

34. Tibbies Cabaret & Dinner Theater

35. See the location of many Hollywood film sets

36. Live entertainment in the Observation Bar on the weekends.

37. Stroll on the Sun Deck at sunset

38. Walk a mile. Stroll on the Sun Deck anytime! 4x around=1 mile

39. Shipwreck – Annual Halloween Spectacular

40. Promenade Café – Have a casual lunch with a spectacular view

41. Listen to a pianist in the Lobby Bar

42. Meet one of the Captains of the ship

43. Lunch in the Hollywood Deli

44. Entertain the kids at the Captain’s Arcade

45. Pay a visit to one of the original Boiler Rooms

46. See the original anchor

47. Check out the lifeboats that surround the deck

48. Visit the adjacent Russian Cold-War Era Submarine, code name Foxtrot

49. Take panoramic pictures of the Long Beach Harbor

50. Get a world-famous shake at the shake shop

51. Log your ghost story in Book of Paranormal Activity

52. Stand at the bow and take your Titanic-style picture

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