52 Limousine Travel Tips

Top tips to help you choose the right limo service, as well as tips that you should know before you step foot in your limo!

52 Limousine Travel Tips

  1. Don’t overlook transportation arrangements and book at the last moment. If possible, try to book at least a 2 weeks in advance because limo rental companies experience high customer traffic so booking at the last moment might not let you secure the car of your choice.
  2. Make Your Reservation in Person while making the final booking so you get to look at the car and avoid any unwelcome surprises by making sure the fleet looks like it’s in good shape before putting down a deposit.
  3. If you want to get fun and creative, you can step outside of the box and rent a hummer limo or maybe even a limo bus for a unique getaway to express your style.
  4. If you don’t mind an older vehicle to help save money, then go for it because limo providers spend a lot of money each year to maintain their vehicles so an older model does not mean that it won’t be in good condition. Vintage models are in style!
  5. Stock the car with your own food as well. Limos aren’t always stocked with a lot of food so bring some extra snacks so you can enjoy your ride to the max.
  6. Besides bringing snacks, you can also bring in your own drinks as most limos have a fridge so you don’t have to worry about keeping the beverages cool.
  7. Make a music playlist! You don’t have to ride in silence or rely on the driver’s choice of music so make a few mixes of your favorite songs for your trip.
  8. If there is a large group traveling to a special event, you can hire a limo bus instead of one or even a few limos. A limo bus is just a larger version of a limo. It is still stylish and has all of the amenities.
  9. Hire the limo only for making your grand entrance. This is actually a pretty sneaky way to save! You can do this by driving in your own car from home and taking the fancy limo from a few minute’s drive from your event venue.
  10. Get a contract while hiring your limo provider. This way you will have all of the details in ink and it will leave no room for unhappy surprises.
  11. Also request a detailed itinerary that has the details of everything such as your pick up time, arrival time,  reception departure time, all addresses to and from where you’re going, the size, color, and model of the car, the name of the driver you want and whatever other details are involved if you have any special request.
  12. inside-party-limousine-busConsider all of the day’s activities while choosing your limo provider. Factor them into your transportation and then get a quote. These details should include pick-up and drop-off times for all of the members, scheduled stops if any, and whatever else you have planned.
  13. Booking Hourly works well when the distance to be traveled is less. So check out the routes, distance, and time it takes to cover it on Google maps before booking.
  14. On the other hand, if your route is long and involves many stops in-between, then book with a package instead of getting an hourly rate as it will prove to be cheaper.
  15. If possible, use Google maps and other mediums to check the traffic graph of that route on that particular day so you know beforehand if traffic is generally expected at that time. By doing so you have the option of booking on another day or a few hours before or later than your desired time to avoid traffic.
  16. Check the weather before as well so you can find out about any unexpected severe weather conditions such as the possibility of a snowstorm that may affect your limo ride experience.
  17. Try to work out the shortest possible route. This will help you save on time if you have booked the vehicle by the hour.
  18. Avoid booking the vehicle during prom season, which is usually during February to April as it is the peak time for limo bookings. If you need the limo during those months then try booking in advance.
  19. Book in advance for the holiday season which is December to early January.
  20. The busiest time for limo rental companies is the wedding season which runs from late June to early October. Try your best to book in advance or book for a weekend if it is a last-minute booking.
  21. Bookings made for weekdays will almost always be cheaper than bookings made for weekends so if possible, try to adjust your travel day.
  22. If possible, try booking your travel for the day time instead of the night as that will help lower down rates in most cases.
  23. Pre-plan your event instead of a last-minute idea. That way you will know where you are to go and what time and date you are to be there and so you can book your limo beforehand. Thinking ahead will help you make informed decisions about the limo by studying your options and comparing prices and you will end up getting discounts because of such early purchase.
  24. In case the limo is required for a big event, avoid emotional overspending. The most expensive limo doesn’t have to be the obvious choice here. There are some great limo options out there that are bound to fit in your budget and at the same time are quite fancy with of the limo perks. But at the same time don’t go for the least expensive one as well.
  25. If the limo is required for an event, get help from your event planner if you have one. Event planners are aware of the limo options out there and can help book the best one according to your needs
  26. Set a budget and shop around if you have time so you can go through the different options available and choose the best one according to your needs.
  27. Conduct a headcount and try having up to 6 people only. The reason for that is that limo providers charge by the car and not by the number of people, however, they are inter-related. Limousines usually come in six-passenger, eight-passenger, and 10-passenger cars. The six-passenger limos are cheaper so you’ll save the most by choosing one of those.
  28. Try having your pick up somewhat near the event or final destination.
  29. Hire one big limousine instead of multiple. If the number of people who are traveling cannot fit into one limo, hire a single larger limo instead of more than one standard-sized ones. Stretch limousines are not cheap but they are a much cheaper option than two or more standard-sized ones and you can save significantly.
  30. Look into the limo types available in the market. Stretch limos, SUV limos, stretch SUVs, hummer limos and limo buses are some of the options you have and each come with their own rates and package possibilities.
  31. The more details you can provide your limo rental company, the better the value and service you’ll receive through customized packages which will help bring costs down.
  32. Cheapest is not always the best when it comes to limos. In the case of limousines, there are many variances of quality and price and if you opt for a limousine service based on price alone, you will likely be disappointed with your limousine experience.
  33. When you shop on price alone, there are many chances of your limousine not showing up or showing up late and you not being able to reach your destination on time. So spend a little more for better service.
  34. Ask about limousine insurance and permits. Limousine service companies are required to carry commercial livery insurance and register with whatever department of transportation exists for that region.  Ask for proof of these with your signed contract.
  35. Companies that belong to industry associations usually must abide by special insurance regulations and service rules. For example, the National Limousine Association (NLA) is a good indication that your service provider does their due diligence.
  36. Determine how much time you will need i.e. how long you’re going to need the limousine for in total from start to finish.
  37.  Ask the limo provider about the methods of payment they accept such as cash, credit cards etc.
  38. Ask about everything that is included in the package such as ice, crystal glassware, napkins, soda & water.
  39. Don’t fit to the exact limit of the vehicles capacity. For example, a six-passenger limousine is normally stretched between 65 to 70 inches and though it is labelled for 6 people, it is comfortable for four adults. So don’t book the limousine to its maximum capacity. Instead, rent a larger limousine or rent more than one limousine.
  40. Limousine operators often have more than one event to service in a day so you cannot just add time to your charter so make sure the service is guaranteed and has been booked for all of the hours you require.
  41. Don’t forget to tip your chauffeur. The tip is between 15 to 20 percent of the total charge and also remember that chauffeurs prefer a cash gratuity.
  42. Have a backup vehicle option as limousines can get flat tires and hoses other problems so ask your limousine professional what system he/she has in the event of a problem.
  43. If a group of friends are booking the vehicle together, talk to your friends early. The demand for transportation during peak seasons can be overwhelming so decide beforehand who will be in your limo group, so that you can book your reservations and get the vehicle you want.
  44.  Save time for taking pictures. You can ask the driver to position the chauffeured vehicle so it can be in the shot.
  45. Ask about the perks the company provides such as food and beverages.
  46. If you have plans on booking the limo for a round trip, then don’t forget to book the time coming back as well. If you have a post-party to attend then book your ride for a few extra hours to ensure you have a great time.
  47. Check references – choose a reputed company with numerous references online. Read about their past customer’s experiences to know more about their performance.
  48. Check how many years they have been in business. If a company has successfully operated for many years and then that is a good sign.
  49. Ask for proof of insurance of their fleet so you are aware of the outcome in case of an accident.
  50. Know your rights. Inquire about the company’s cancellation policy and get a copy in writing.
  51. Ensure the chauffeurs are legally allowed to drive and are certified. Chauffeurs should be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, complete a chauffeur training course, pass a state background check, pass a medical exam and participate in a random drug testing program.
  52. The best way to make sure that everything runs smoothly is to hire a company with in-depth experience in transportation. If you find a newer company that seems to meet your needs, check into the experience of the staff.


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  1. Oh Wow! This is comprehensive. Very informative indeed. I will definitely share this to my friends. I totally agree with no. 52. Few years way back, I’ve had the luck to have been in a few limo rides, and on some occasions I’ve had the same driver. Something I noticed, was the drivers had a patience level the size of the money they got paid, I noticed they were more irritable when paid less. So don’t cheap out if you’re trying to have a good time.


  2. For the very first time some one published a well written article about choosing perfect limousine car. From budget to choosing plan, from Insurance policy to hiring them all are presented in graet way.

  3. These are some great tips for taking a limo. For my wedding, I want to ride up in style, so a limo is the best choice for that. Bringing drinks to put in their fridge sounds like a great idea!

  4. Once you find a legitimate company you can always go back to it makes the experience a lot better!

  5. As my husband and I were attending a business conversation several weeks ago in the city, I had the opportunity to ride in a limo for the first time and later I thought about how I hadn’t utilized this experience to its fullest. I found it interesting that you mentioned the importance of not emotional overspending in cases like this, seeing as the most expensive limo doesn’t always mean the highest quality limo. I will remember these tips about limo rental the next time I have the opportunity to rent a limo.

  6. As someone who knows the industry well, this is a great list. There are always a million tips but this pretty well covers it. One thing I always tell people is to take the time to do research and actually go by the limo service and pick out the exact vehicle you want. Great stuff. Thank you!

  7. My son is wanting to rent a limo for prom this year so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about working out the shortest route possible. I’ll be sure to have him do this so I can save some money on the rental.

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