Attention Healthy Food & Wellness Brands!

Let’s collaborate! 52 Perfect days loves working with healthy and delicious snacks, supplements and drink products. Can we include your product in an upcoming featured article and on our social media?

A major focus for content for 2019 will be food related travel articles. I plan to post at least one article every other week that will include a great list of travel snacks! If you have a product that fits into any of the below topics, I’d love to hear from you and include your product in the article.

2019 Planned Travel Snack Articles

We are interested in working with healthy and delicious snacks, supplements and drink products. Which of the below are perfect for your snack or travel product?

  • Best Healthy Travel Snacks & Munchies
  • 52 Best Travel Snacks
  • Best Low Carb, Paleo and Keto Travel Snacks
  • Best Snacks & Munchies for Long-haul or overnight flights
  • Best Snacks & Munchies for road trips
  • Best Travel Snacks when traveling with kids
  • Best Non-Dairy Travel Snacks
  • Best Nut-Free Travel Snacks
  • Best Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Travel Snacks
  • Best Gluten-Free Travel Snacks
  • Best Organic Travel Snacks
  • Best Vegan Travel Snacks

2019 Wellness Articles

  • How to Stay Healthy When Traveling (geared toward supplements, pro/pre-biotics, etc)
  • Must-Have Items for a Natural First Aid Kit
  • Natural Remedies Every Traveler Should Carry

10 Perks when you Work with 52 Perfect Days:

  1. Exclusivity in a category (example: only one protein bar per article)*
  2. Promotion to my North American audience.
  3. Your product & original photo featured in a roundup post with a paragraph of text.
  4. An Article featured on my homepage.
  5. Link to your website and/or to Amazon.
  6. The article will be promoted across social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).
  7. Your product will be featured on my Instagram Stories (when product received we will share the unboxing). This will include tagging the brand and using hashtags of your choice.
  8. 3 dedicated Tweets tagging brand and using hashtags of your choice.
  9. Long term Tweets (at least once a month) will be added to my Tweet queue indefinitely.
  10. Article and brand promoted to my loyal email subscribers. 

* The only article that includes more than one type of product is the “52 Best Travel Snacks”. This article will have up to 3 types of a particular snack or item.

A few of the brands we worked within the last year: 


Collaboration Opportunities: I’d love to help promote your product to my audience! We can collaborate in many ways and at several price points. If you would like to have a product included in more than one article, this is possible as well.

Collaboration Rates: $299 for a featured placement, social media, email blast and all 10 perks (listed above)!

If you’d like to be included in two articles the fee is $500 & you’ll receive double of everything listed in the 10 perks. 

Please email me at for additional collaboration rates and for discounted rates for inclusion in more than two articles.

Ready to Promote Your Product? Email me at and let me know which article/s you’d like to be featured in (from the list above) and I will respond with a few simple details to confirm our collaboration.  

Why We Love Roundup Posts: these types of posts do extremely well in Google search. They are also shared much more than a standalone review through social media. We have found this is the best way to get the most traction and provide the highest value to the brands we work with. 

Roundup Sample Post: 52 Perfect Picks for Women’s Travel Gear

52 Perfect Days Stats:

52 Perfect Days is an established website that has been around for over 10 years. We have authority in the travel space and would love to help market your product to our travel based audience. 

The 52 Perfect Days audience is predominantly from the United States followed by Canada and then the United Kingdom. My audience are active travelers who value our tips and suggestions.

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