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Adventures in Indulgence in Birmingham, Alabama

In the surprisingly cosmopolitan town of Birmingham, Alabama you can have a deluxe five star vacation filled with down-home hospitality, beautiful scenery and amazing food while relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body. Once you arrive you will immediately notice the sprawling green landscape and the fresh, clean air. The downtown seems old fashioned, yet the buildings are sleek, modern and clean.

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Family Fun in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach, a lively little seaside town in Southern California embodies the fantasy of what California living and visiting should be. Offering clear blue oceans for miles, casual restaurants, shops on the pier and several fun-in-the-sun outdoor activities it could be the perfect family vacation location.

Start your picture perfect day at the upscale Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club. This recently renovated, contemporary nautical-themed hideaway is located on a private peninsula between the marina and the ocean.

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Southern California’s Anacapa Island

One of five islands that make up the Channel Islands off the coast of Central California, Anacapa, is a small volcanic island about 14 miles off the shores of Oxnard. Named by the Chumash Native American Indians, the Channel Islands are five miles long and made up of 3 islets (East, Middle and West) that are not inaccessible to each other except by boat.

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Christmas at the Grove

The economy is in shambles, LA actors’ talk of another strike, and the holidays seem miles away without 4 feet of snow. Not to worry, head to the world famous Grove for LA holiday festivities!

Centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles, The Grove is considered a boutique outdoor shopping mall that encompasses retail shops, restaurants, and Movie Theater over the sprawling, well manicured grounds.

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Palm Springs: Luxurious North Palm Canyon Drive

Need to get away from everyday life and pamper yourself in the perfect surroundings? Whether you want to do everything or nothing at all, Palm Springs is the perfect luxury getaway.

If you are lucky enough to begin your day in Palm Springs, there is no better choice than the Spanish Colonial boutique hotel of the Pepper Tree Inn. This hidden gem offers romantic charm while remaining an intimate experience.

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