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52 Amazing Places To Hike In Chile

The beautiful country of Chile could be the answer to your outdoor adventure bucket list! Did you know that there are more than 52 amazing places to hike in Chile? Yes, you are reading this right! Below, I share details of the best hikes in Chile as well as some of the world’s most spectacular hiking trails. Review each of them to help you find the most panoramic views and hiking experience.

Where is Chile? Chile is located in eastern South America. Chile is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Argentina to the east, and Bolivia and Peru to the north.

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52 Amazing Places To Hike In Chile 

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One of the world’s longest hiking trails is found in Chile, connecting 17 national parks stretching 1,700 miles from Puerto Montt in the north to Cape Horn in the south. The Route of Parks, as the trail is called allows travelers to explore Chilean Patagonia’s most epic landscapes along a spectacular scenic route including the Andes Mountains, rain forests, lakes, and several volcanoes.

Fun Fact: Most first-time travellers to Chile, who want to visit Patagonia choose the Patagonia National Park of Torres del Paine.

1. Huerquehue NP
The world’s best hiking places happen to be in Chile. And Huerquehue NP is just one of them. Its forested highlands and lake-strewn environment simply make it a beautiful hiking place you shouldn’t miss out on.

huerquehue np hike in chile

2. Torres del Paine National Park
Torres del Paine is one of the most famous hiking areas in Chile. You can bring your family to the Torres del Paine National Park and enjoy a smaller hike and the amazing landscapes you will get to see as you do your wonderful walks around the area. 

You can also take a longer hike such as the W Trek. This is Torres del Paine’s most famous hiking route, with views of the granite towers that give the park its name. There is also the big circuit, also known as “O”- or fool loop- is a trek. The O Circuit is a 68 mile (93 kilometer) and known as the most extreme hike in Torres del Paine National Park and takes most at least eight days to complete.

If you choose to hike Torres del Paine, be aware it is infamous for its strong winds that have been known to reach up to 100mph and to knock hikers off their feet!

3. Cani Sanctuary
Want some thrill while hiking? Cani Sanctuary is just right for you. Its breathtaking views of nearby volcanoes will surely leave you in awe that you don’t want to leave the place anymore. It’s a good place to stay to escape from the hustle and bustle of your city. It provides an eco-friendly ambiance. And if you are a nature lover, you are surely in the right place!

4. Villarrica NP
Do you want more adventure? Try visiting Villarrica NP, and you will surely enjoy peering into its lava-filled crater. This place has a bit of almost everything that you can multi-day walk in it while enjoying Chile’s borderlands.

5. Sierra Nevada
If you want to add drama to your multi-day trek, Sierra Nevada can definitely give you that dramatic experience you want. This snowy place will surely keep you cool, too! These towering snow-capped mountains offer some of the most thrilling climbs on earth. So, grab that favorite boots of yours now, and let’s trek!

6. Juan Fernandez Islands
Have you been to Paradise? Juan Fernandez Islands is actually a paradise in its own right. Approximately 667 kilometers off the coast of Chile lies this proverbial deserted paradise.

7. Vicente Perez Rosales NP
You will surely marvel at the abundance of its exotic birds as you walk on its lush river valleys. The volcanic beauty of Volcan Osorno will surely leave you in awe especially when you gaze up at its glaciers.

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Vicente Perez Rosales NP hike in chile

8. Easter Island
Do you want to time travel back to the past? Easter Island can bring you to the ancient times. It is a remote island that once had rich crafts and culture. Despite the loss of the indigenous people of old, amazingly, their heritage has been preserved through the statues found in the area.

9. Laguna Captren
Are you a green thumb? Take a glimpse at the drowned trees located at the bottom of Laguna Captren while hiking. The reflection of the beautiful creatures on its small lake which was formed 50 years ago is really fascinating.

10. Cochamo Valley
Cochamo Valley is a 300-year old trade trail found in Chile’s northernmost part. To complete your one-day trek in this valley, you may bring your tent and hammocks with you, and try to spend one night camping after your long walk.

Fun Fact: Outside of Antarctica, the largest contiguous ice field in the Southern Hemisphere is the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields in the Andes Mountains of Chile and Argentina.

11. Conguillio NP

Volcano Conguillio NP in chile
This place provides a perfect setting for a Hollywood movie because of its ancient volcanoes and forests.

12. Laguna del Laja NP
Located in Northern Araucania, Laguna del Laja showcases barren lava fields, attractive waterfalls, and beautiful lakes.

13. Volcan Villarica
Volcan Villarica is a good place to climb, but its dramatic change in the weather conditions, creating a risk of sulfurous gases emitted at the crater allows hikers to finish their walk earlier.

14. Volcan Antuco
Everyone is invited to climb to Volcan Antuco’s summit. The peak of Volcan Antuco provides a stunning of the deep waters of Laguna de Laja.

15. Salto las Chilcas and Salto Torbellino
Enjoy the serene interlude these places offer every hiker. These two are located in Laguna de Laja.

16. Cerro Quinchol and San Sebastian

San Sebastian hike in Chile
Their summits allow every hiker to see the stunning views reaching out across the ancient Araucanian landscape of Chile.

17. Ultima Esperanza
This place is a separate province in the southern part of Chile with fascinating landscapes, too!

18. Norte Grande
This place has amazing curve stones and rocks. It has lagoons, volcanoes, and a beautiful coastline.

19. Sur Chico
It is home to spectacular national parks of Chile which regularly invites outdoor enthusiasts and devil-may-care adventurer.

20. Aysen
Aysen is located in the Northern part of Patagonia. Its glaciers and lush rainforests are just a few of the amazing features this place has. The Aysén Region is along the Carretera Austral also known as Chile’s Route 7. The highway runs south for about 1,240 kilometers from Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins, passing through rural Patagonia. 

One of the least known hikes in this area is the Cerro Castillo National Park. Cerro Castillo also known as Castle Mountain, is a 7,600 ft. (2,320m) peak of Cerro Castillo that few hikers manage to reach. For less adventurous hikers, a full-day excursion and shorter day treks allow excellent vantage points of the magifcent mountain views in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve.

21. Chiloe
This place is home to rich spiritual culture based on distinctive mythology of ghost ships, forest gnomes, and witchcraft.

22. Chepu
Chepu is the northern sector of Chiloe, which remains its sanctuary of pristine beauty. In this place, you will find gorgeous rivers and stunning coastline which attract every tourist.

23. Parque Tantauco
This park is home to native foxes, indigenous small deer, and native otters, among others. This is a great place for camping, hiking, and watching wildlife.

24. El Morado Glacier Trek
Want to see glaciers up closer? This is the best place to go. This not a frequented area so it is not congested. You can bring your family here for a simple, intimate get together.

25. The Chilean Lake District
The name itself suggests that is place is home to the beautiful lakes, waterfalls, rivers in our country. It has an outstanding beauty that everybody loves .
26. Santiago
Santiago is the cultural heart of Chile. It is the home of the popular poet Pablo Neruda. It is where great museums like Museo Chile de Arte are housed.

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27. Pochoco

Pochoco hike in chile

Pochoco is the best place to hike in Chile and enjoy the view of the mountains. It has diverse trail conditions each hiker needs to be ready for.

Best Hikes and Treks in Atacama

The Atacama desert stretches for approximately 1000 km beside the Pacific coast and is one of the driest places on Earth. It is about 1350 miles from Patagonia.

28. The Atacama Desert
This desert located in Northern Chile is known for being the driest place on Earth, NASA reports say. It has fascinating landscapes that contain a mixture of sand and lava and salt lakes. It has hot springs where you can soak yourself after a long day.

29. Valle de la Muerte

Valley of Death, also known as Valle de Marte, is in the middle of the Cordillera de la Sal, just 2 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama.

Moonlight walks are great in this place also known as “Death Valley”. Things you can do in Valle de la Muerte include horseback riding, hiking, sand boarding and of course hiking.

30. Moon Valley National Park

El Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is located 13 kilometres (8 mi) west of San Pedro de Atacama, in the north of Chile in the Cordillera de la Sal, in the Atacama desert.

When was the last time you saw truly beautiful rock formations? Well, you can find that here. Formations even look like the surface of the moon. You can also find sand formations here. They were formed due to thousands of years of flooding and winds.

31. San Pedro de Atacama

This is one of Chile’s hottest tourist destinations as it is found in the driest desert in the world. It has been said that it hasn’t seen rain since the year 1870.

The three most popular hiking trails in San Pedro de Atacama are Cornices Trail, Cerro Toco and Gringo Trail.

Best Treks in Patagonia

In the southernmost part of South America, Patagonia occupies 260,000 square miles spanning Argentina and Chile. The Chilean Patagonia region is known for dramatic mountain peaks, an abundance of glaciers and of unique wildlife.

32. Monte Fritz Roy

Monte Fritz Roy continues to be the most stunning trekking area Patagonia, Chile has to offer. 

33. Futaleufu River

river futaleufu hike in Chile

The Futaleufú River, located in northern Patagonia, flows from a chain of high, sunny lakes in Argentina. It is one of the premier whitewater rivers in the world. It is also one of only two rivers to cross the 5,308 kilometer Chile-Argentina border and is part of the UNESCO protected Los Alerces National Park in Argentina. It also runs through the glaciated area of the Chilean mountains.

34. Punta Arenas

Punta Arena is found near the tip of Patagonia. It connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Tourists come to Punta Arenas as their bases for traveling to Antarctica. 

The sun rises from the sea and sets in the mountains here and there are some great options for hikes. Out pick is to hike the Magallanes National Reserve.

West of Punta Arenas, about 9 minutes by car, there are some well-developed, low-difficulty trails that are very well maintained. Full trails take about 3 to 4 hours. They are ideal for families and anyone who prefers an easy, but pretty trail. There are lookouts where you can view Las Minas River, the city, the Strait of Magellan and nearby islands.

Strait of Magellan Hikes & Treks

35. Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

The Los pinguinos monument natural was created in 1966 to preserve a breeding area for the penguins, as well as a habitat for other migratory birds. It is located in Patagonia on Isla Magdalena, a small island located in the Strait of Magellan and two hours from Punta Arenas, which is the biggest city in the Magellanes Region of Chile.

It is home to more than 120,000 penguins. It is an ultimate photo opportunity.

There are two ways to get to Magdalena Island; by ferry from Punta Arenas or with an organized tour.

Once on the island, you can follow a marked path that winds between penguin burrows. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience for most people!

Valparaíso Area Hikes & Treks

Valparaíso is Chile’s third largest metropolitan area after Santiago and Concepción.

36. Viña del Mar

Next to Valparaiso, this city is a great place to wander. You can walk down the beach while seeing the horizons and smelling the ocean breeze. And if you’re already tired of listening to the sea waves, you can go to its cafes, casinos, or seaside restaurants.

The top choice for a hike near Viña del Mar is Mirador El Amasijo in Parque Nacional La Campana. There are several trail options that are good for mountain biking, trail running, and walking.

37. Pucon
With a beautiful lake and an imposing volcano located at the middle of the Southern Lake District, this place offers a variety of recreational activities like white water rafting, horseback riding, kayaking, water skiing, among others and it truly one of the most spectacular places to hike in Chile.

38. Lauca National Park
One of the world’s highest lakes, Lago Chungara, is the most spectacular spot in Lauca. It has Volcan Parinacota and Volcan Pomerape looming over it.

39. Cerro San Cristobal
Located in northern Santiago, Cerro San Cristobal is a hill with a beautiful view over the whole city. It has a church and a statue of Virgin Mary. But, you may only reach its summit through a cable car or a long walk.

40. La Serena

la serena hike in chile

La Serena is part of the northern Chilean town, and is the second oldest in Chile. It is a city of architecture and a golden beach. Outdoor junkies can bike through its Elqui Valley, and do some recreational activities like swimming, diving, hiking, snorkeling, among others.

41. Valparaiso
This place is a good spot for backpacking. It has a lively night that attracts nocturnal tourists. It has good restaurants, too!

42. Iquique
This is the Monte Carlo of Chile which promises more fun for all the tourists coming in. One can stroll down its sidewalks in the morning.

43. Navarino Island
Located between Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, Navarino Island forms part of the southernmost commune in Chile and in the world.

44. Puerto Williams
This place is a town in Navarino Island. Tourists who travel around Cape Horn will have Puerto Williams as their starting point.

45. Cabo de Hornos
This place is a Chilean commune found in the southern part of Tierra del Fuego.

46. Alberto de Agostini National Park
This park has steep fjords and tidewater glaciers that can leave anyone in awe!

47. La Campana National Park

la campana hike in Chile

This place is located northwest of Santiago, Chile. It is rich in diverse wildlife such as foxes and mockingbirds.

48. Concepcion
Concepcion showcases art gallery dubbed as the House of Art. This place is in central Chile.

49. Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales is located in Patagonia, Chile. It houses the Municipal Historical Museum in the city.

50. Puerto Varas

puerto varas hike in Chile

This city in southern Chile is located on the southwest banks of Lake Llangquihue which provides views of Calbuco and Osorno Volcanoes.

51. Pumalin Park
This park is a private nature reserve located in the province of Chile, Palena. It is a public park accessed by the locals and tourists. Its vast infrastructures make it worth visiting.

52. Rancagua
Rancagua is home to the twin-towered Cathedral and Rancagua Museum. It is located in a city of south of Santiago, Chile.

52. Nahuelbuta National Park
It is one of the parks in the Coastal Mountain Range of Chile. It also a Monkey Sanctuary, a perfect tourists’ spot.

When to Visit Chile

The best time to visit Chile depends on the region you’re traveling to and what activities you want to focus on. October to March are the warmest and most beautiful months for visitors heading to Patagonia. These are the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere and the weather is very pleasant, with warm temperatures of around 72°F.

What to expect when hiking in these best places in Chile

Anything can happen wherever we are. Risks and problems during hiking are inevitable, too. And hiking in Chile is no exemption. Problems of any kind may arise in every walk. So, as a hiker, you must be responsible enough by making sure that you always come prepared for every walk.

Anyone who is considering to take a walk on any of these places aforementioned must conduct their personal research on the potential risks and problems involved in hiking. Through due diligence, one must know the necessary precautions should problems arise during the walk.

Moreover, this post aims to help outdoor enthusiasts, even ordinary morning walkers to understand the value of responsible traveling, be it just a hike or a simple walk. After all, it’s not just the magnificence of a certain place, or the many options as to where to go, that matters, but the way one executes the outdoor trek. So, make sure everything is planned before you hit the road.

Hiking tips for Chile


If you want to see something you’ve never seen before, you have to do something you’ve never done before, and that includes coming to one or two of these 52 best places to hike in Chile.

So, which of the above-listed hiking places in Chile do you find endearing? Don’t you find each of them enthralling? With the promising natural features each of these places has, I’m sure you do. So, don’t you allow yourself to be left out by not being able to visit any of them at least once.

If you happen to have visited, if not all, at least one of them already, why not make it a goal to revisit the place? Stepping into their ground is the best way to rekindle your love for traveling. So, why not come to Chile soon? Travelling is an investment, by the way. And you won’t regret spending your bucks on exploring Chile.

puerto varas hiking in Chile

Walking or hiking may sound just ordinary. Well, it actually is. It’s a kind of an outdoor activity that doesn’t have to be complicated but should be wanted, instead. If you are the health-conscious type, hiking in one of the places in Chile should be on your bucket list at least every year. If you are a native in Chile, then, all the more you should make time to set foot in any of these best places.

You don’t want to be a foreigner in your own land, do you? Chile has the most interesting of places, and with its many fascinating landscapes, no doubt that among the countries in the world, Chile is one of the most sought after. So, don’t miss your chance to hike in Chile. By all means, at least pick one of these places you can spend a day or two with your family, friends, or yourself. Chile is simply a place to be.

I hope this article can help you with your next travel destination. We would love to hear your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Also, please don’t forget to share this through your social media account!

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