Alexa Meisler in Ukraine flower fieldMy name is Alexa and I am the founder of 52 Perfect Days. Besides a love for travel I also have a deep understanding of social media marketing and offer these services to a small number of clients.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from San Diego State University. I worked for 5+ years in the agency world, focusing on niche products, consumer brands, travel and hospitality, daily deal sites, and many others to shape their online presence and reach their target audiences more effectively through social media. With 52 Perfect Days consulting, I specialize in helping travel related businesses (Travel Agents, CVB’s, DMO’s, Destinations, Restaurants, Hotels, Excursions) reach their marketing and online goals with social media marketing.

My strengths are:

    • Facebook ads to drive traffic to specific pages to reach goals of traffic, conversions and monetization.
    • Twitter campaigns to drive traffic to specific pages to reach goals of traffic, conversions and monetization.
    • Generating massive results from affiliate partnerships, which boils down to making money with your affiliates!
    • Linkedin Strategy for generating relationships to push your brand to the next level.
    • Instagram & Pinterest to share your amazing photos with the world!
    • Bookmarking for massive traffic spikes.
    • Overall Management of Social Media presence (posting, engaging, monitoring, growing accounts)
    • Consultation. Have the time or staff to implement but need to know my secret strategies? Let’s book a time and I’ll share it all!

How Can I Help You? I offer a multitude of packages below or I can tailor services to your specific needs. Give me a call at 503-956-0930 or email me at alexa (at) and let’s get started!

Posting Only? Already have your marketing dialed in but need help keeping up with the posting and monitoring of the accounts? I can post on a regular basis on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and your social bookmarking sites. Price based on number of accounts. 

Facebook Ads. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase engagement on posts, grow your fans I can help with a Facebook ad campaign. If you have an upcoming event, sale, webinar, special or anything else you want to create awareness about let me help. Posting on Facebook only gets you so far…. an ad campaign delivers specific results! Campaigns start at $500 per month plus ad spend.

Twitter campaigns. Want to drive massive traffic on a consistent basis with Twitter to specific pages on your website? I can make this happen with Twitter. Consistency is the key! This isn’t a one-time spike in traffic. Based on your goals we will grow traffic to your website or landing pages with targeted visitors. Price based on number of pages on your site and traffic goals.

Instagram Campaigns: Every business has a message to tell. In the travel industry it’s a no brainer you need to have a strong presence on Instagram! Turning your message into a visual story instantly forms a connection with your audience. We can post once or twice daily on your account with researched hashtags to get you the most engagement! Campaigns start at $500 per month.

Management of Social Media presence. Campaigns generally involve management of at least three platforms. Prices starts at $1200 per month.

Consultation. Book a 30-min or 60-minute strategy call to dial in your marketing campaign. $50 per 30-minute call.

Give me a call at 503-956-0930 or email me at alexa (at) and let’s get started!