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Hurtigruten Cruises to the Northern Lights

Catching a glimpse of the northern lights is often on most travelers’ bucket lists. The northern lights are nature’s most dazzling light show. Also known as the aurora borealis, they make for a spectacular night sky.

Northern Norway is the Arctic gateway to the celestial natural wonder and one of the best opportunities to see the northern lights is on a Hurtigruten cruise.

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Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

Northern Lights Cruise

Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

A 12-day roundtrip Hurtigruten cruise is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The Hurtigruten offers an authentic opportunity to experience the spectacular coastal scenery of Norway as well as the amazing northern lights.

What are the northern lights?  They are a natural phenomenon that create an incredible light show!  They occur when the solar wind is stronger than usual and there is a collision between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. The particles, electrons, and protons form a magical light when they collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere.

Hurtigruten Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

Because Northern Norway is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, booking a Hurtigruten cruise has become one of the most popular winter cruises.

Just imagine sailing 2,500 nautical miles with Hurtigruten along the stunning Norwegian coastline and visiting quaint towns, discovering small villages and tucked-away-fjords by day. At night, because you’ll be in one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights, you’ll witness this celestial display in the sky.

Hurtigruten Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

For a limited time there is an exciting promotion for Hurtigruten cruises that offer not one, but two great deals!

  • For guests who join a 12-day coastal Norway cruise, there are some dates that Hurtigruten guarantees you will see the northern lights during your journey, and if the Northern Lights do not appear, they will offer a 6- or 7-day coastal Norway cruise completely free of charge (not including airfare or extras).

If seeing the northern lights is on your bucket list, this is a win-win situation! Not only is Hurtigruten guaranteeing you’ll see the lights, but you also receive a $250 booking discount per person! Seeing the northern lights will be a lifetime memory that will leave you inspired and in awe of nature.

About Hurtigruten Cruises

Hurtigruten Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

Hurtigruten ships have been sailing along the stunning Norwegian coastline for the past 125 years and are known for visiting sites that are rarely seen by other cruise ships.

The Hurtigruten 12-day northern lights cruise has options for  90 excursions, that include hikes and activities led by Hurtigruten’s onboard expedition teams. A few excursions guests can choose from are:

  • northern lights safaris
  • reindeer sledding
  • dog sledding
  • snowmobiling and much more.

During the cruise, there are a number of lectures given by well-known authors and professors for guests onboard themed around nature, the science behind the northern lights, Norway, wildlife, the Arctic and much more.

Hurtigruten cruise restaurant
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

Cruising with Hurtigruten allows passengers to immerse themselves in Norwegian culture and sample the most sublime local delicacies like smoked salmon and kjøttboller (meatballs) and fårikål stew. The restaurants onboard focus on local ingredients and authentic Norwegian cuisine as well as International favorites.

Northern Lights cruise
Photo Credit Hurtigruten.com

When booking a cruise, keep in mind the best chance of seeing the northern lights in Norway is between October and March because they are visible in a belt around the magnetic North Pole.

The 12-day journey along the Norwegian coastline offers a truly authentic opportunity, but there are also shorter 6 and 7-day cruise options.

For more information on Norway and Hurtigruten Cruises:

Hurtigruten Northern Lights 

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  1. Wow! These photos are amazing! I usually see posts about the northern lights in Iceland, so I’m excited to see this in Norway! That’s an excellent guarantee on the cruise too! Thanks for sharing!

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