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Planning your next holiday in Scandinavia? 5 suggestions to fire your imagination

Europe’s most northern part is well-known for its rugged nature, cozy cities, and alluring wintery landscape. Whenever we think of Scandinavia, we immediately picture endless forests, inspiring fjords, and unspoiled wildlife.

Unique phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun are also specific to Scandinavia. If you’re thinking about exploring this amazing territory, here are 5 suggestions to help you decide.

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Scandinavian City

Where to holiday in Scandinavia


Begin your journey with Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and head straight to the metro station. You can admire the beautiful paintings before deciding which attractions are worth seeing first.

The city’s fashion sense and sheer beauty are almost intimidating. Spread across fourteen islands, Stockholm is well-connected through its 57 bridges. Every neighborhood is different, but you won’t have time to see it all.

Limit yourself to core places of interest such as the Old Town, Vasa Museum, and Stockholm Palace; settle on some clear priorities and make the most of your trip to Stockholm.


The Finnish Lapland is a travel destination you can’t overlook in Finland. Some might know it under the name of “Santa’s Hometown”, whereas to others it is a dreamlike winter location where the sun never really goes to sleep in the summer.

The ski resorts abound, as well as the wilderness; the remote villages and tranquility of Lapland make it an ideal travel destination for those eager to run away someplace isolated from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Avid travelers looking to explore this unspoiled territory in the winter usually come to chase the Aurora Borealis. Finland is very close to the Arctic Circle, meaning that you have the best chance of catching a glimpse.


Located on the west side of Norway, Romsdal is a famous coastal region packed with incredible fjords. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking! The alpine mountain regions rise above the ocean, from where countless waterfalls complement the mirific landscape.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see deep valleys, islands, and rugged coastline. If you’re fond of adventurous trekking, Romsdal is all you need. On your path, take the time to visit the cities of Trollstigen and Alesund, where Town Mountain has sights that will leave you speechless.


A vibrant seaside city where travelers are invited to explore the amazing green parks and beautiful islands! Helsinki is a laid-back type of capital with a special refreshing vibe for both adventurers and couples seeking to relax. The alluring architecture of the city and the design of the buildings exude a sense of modernism taken to the extremes combined with old-fashioned hints.

All around Helsinki, there are fantastic park areas, lakes, and forests just waiting for you to explore and admire them. In terms of attractions you can’t miss out on, we should mention Suomenlinna; a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 15 minutes away from Helsinki with the ferry.

It’s a sublime place of interest that will definitely become a memorable experience. It will help you dig a little deeper into the culture and history of the city.

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands pride with incredible wilderness. The unspoiled landscapes, deep fjords, and surf-swept beaches make this place incredibly peaceful and dream-like for travelers eager to a diverse landscape.

There are lot of activities you can engage in, including fishing, hiking, scuba diving, and rafting. Lofoten is deeply connected with the Viking Age; make sure to include the Lofotr Viking Museum on your itinerary.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the Midnight Sun, make sure to visit Lofoten between May and July; the weather is incredibly pleasant and the scenery will sweep you off your feet, literally. Don’t forget about the beaches; Utakleiv for example was ranked one of Europe’s most romantic beaches.

Are you planning a holiday in Scandinavia this year? Hurry up and make your pick. The options are endless, as the peninsula is quite broad and diverse. The destinations we’ve presented above are without a doubt some of the best.

It all depends on your priorities – what do you want to see? Choose from the numerous holidays to Scandinavia the itinerary that best matches your preferences, and make the most of your free time.

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