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Family Friendly Travel in Africa: Cape Town, Morocco and Botswana

Traveling allows us the chance to visit other countries from around the world. It also gives us the opportunity to meet new people and discover different cultures. When you travel on your own, with your partner, or with friends things can be easy. You know what you like and need so you can easily plan this kind of trip.

But how about traveling with your children? It is definitely more challenging because you need to consider a wider range of aspects. However, it can still be a really great experience if you plan it well. There are plenty of destinations in Africa that are ideal for families traveling with kids. Let’s discover them below.

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Family Friendly Travel in Africa

Experience the Warmth of Locals in Different Locations around the World

When you have children, you have an extra reason to travel. You have the opportunity to show them the world and offer them the joy of discovering new things every time you explore a new location. They will be more than thrilled to be taken wherever you choose to go and have fun during these travelling experiences. When you choose child-friendly destinations, more fun will be assured.

They will have a lot of interesting activities to engage in and you will have some time for yourself as well while they are playing. Travelling with children is actually quite fun. They can show you how to feel that pure joy that only a child can feel every day. Rediscover the child in yourself by travelling with your kids in the most amazing locations in the world.

Family Friendly Travel in Africa: Cape Town, Morocco and Botswana

Morocco: A Compact Destination for Adults and Children

Number one on our list of recommendations today is Morocco. You can consider it the perfect destination where to travel with your children for a wide variety of reasons. First of all, your children will feel like being part of a fairy tale. You can also have a lot of fun with them there. Everyone will be pleased by this experience. Free music and nightly fireworks will also attract your attention during your vacation. There are great local foods to try out there as well.

Tourism in the area is mainly focused on the local culture. You have a lot to discover during your travel there. Just seeing ancient cities will make you feel like you are a more important part of history. The ancient Roman and Islamic sites will attract your attention immediately due to their rich culture and heritage.

You can also take a day off just to visit the major cruise port in Morocco. That would be Casablanca. It is a popular tourist destination. You can also go with your children to see the Majorelle botanical garden. If you need more activity during the travel, consider visiting the area were the Atlas and Rif Mountains are located. You will engage in amazing trekking and walking activities with your entire family.

Family Friendly Travel in Africa

Botswana: A Family-Friendly Culture

Even though in the past many people might have considered traveling to Africa with children an impossible thing to do, this is no longer the case. Consider Botswana for example it is a perfect family-friendly country where culture is at home. You can enjoy a safari camp adventure there with your entire family. Just imagine the valuable lesson your children will learn from encountering real wildlife. Not to mention how fun it will be for them to sleep in tents and actually see the animals in their natural surroundings.

You can easily find small lodges ad mobile safari camps that are suitable for family travels. No need to worry about meal times or your children’s requests in terms of diets because you can find there everything you need. You can also go there prepared with food and necessary equipment if you are more into the self-catered type of experiences.

Family Friendly Travel in Africa

Cape Town Holiday Accommodation

Cape Town is another great location to consider for your holiday with kids. There are great beaches you can have fun on as well as famous wineries to consider visiting. Your children will love to build sandcastles and just swim and have fun on the beach. If you are concerned about accommodation, we have more good news for you. There are numerous Cape Town holiday villa rentals to consider for decent prices. You will find good options in every region and having fun will be your only concern.

The Bottom Line

These are only some of the endless family-friendly travel in Africa possibilities to consider. No matter where you choose to travel, the important thing is to have everything well planned beforehand and enjoy the fun experience. Africa has something special about it. Maybe because it is located on the other side of the world. It can also be because it features wildlife like nowhere else in the entire world.

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