Falling Back In Love With Travel By Taking a Travel Break

While there is an entire and diverse world out there to explore, seasoned travelers or those who may have fallen into regular traveling habits can sometimes feel their wanderlust being dulled. This isn’t an indictment of how little there is to do in the world but can be a natural response to traveling too often or for long periods of time. So, let’s explore the idea of falling back in love with travel by taking a travel break.

Since March of 2020, the fact is that many of us traveled a lot less. In my case, it has allowed me to realize how much I miss travel. It has made me realize how special travel is, even sacred.

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Falling Back In Love With Travel
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Thinking about the amazing food, culture, history, beauty, and wonderful people that are encountered during travel makes me truly realize how special a gift it is; sacred even. Most of us haven’t traveled for at least three months at this point; especially internationally. I don’t think it’s just the fact we haven’t traveled for months, but also the fact we don’t really know when we can begin to plan travel in the future. 

While traveling is one of the most special and exhilarating practices you can take part in, too much of a good thing can sometimes blur your appreciation. This is why taking a small break to refresh, and then considering how to fall back in love with travel is essential from time to time.

Falling Back In Love With Travel Means Perfecting One Specific Day

The real secret to this strategy lies not in a grand narrative, or draining your savings, or taking on riskier travel adventures. It lies in perfecting one specific day. This way, you can refocus on how you plan and structure your travel experiences. Let’s explore how this may be achieved together:


Unless specifically curating a special event, it can be easy for us to select the most simple means of transport to a certain destination. Yet if you really wish to perfect the day, understanding the variety of options open to you can be fantastic.

For instance, why purchase a coach ticket to explore towns along the Italian coast when you could hire a boat to explore? traffic worries and experience something novel in the same token? You may also research ‘how much is a plane?’ if hoping to arrive at a certain location in style, as privately chartered flights are becoming more and more popular, especially for corporate travel expeditions. Do not discount the value of your best travel arrangements. Odds are, they can make all the difference to that one particular day, as well as giving you a comfortable ‘to’ and ‘fro’, bookending each experience in a positive manner.


Getting your accommodation just right is a worthy task, and it may take a little time to perfect. Researching through services such as Tripadvisor is essential, as reviews can be an enlightening means of securing your best vacation. That being said, it’s also worthwhile to figure out exactly what you need during your vacation. For example, if you hope to enjoy a nice relaxing stay at a resort and nearby beach, the accompanying bells and whistles may be important to you. To this end, you may find worth in booking a hotel room with access to a spa, gym, and jacuzzi, and an indoor or outdoor pool may be important to you.

Alternatively, you may find that you need little but a secure place to sleep, opting for self-catering lodges that help you gain a little isolation and freedom from the tourists around you. This may be perfect for vacations where you hope to spend as little time in your room as possible, such as cultural retreats or if engaging in a sport such as skiing. Perfecting your daily accommodation can help you avoid paying for practical services you do not need, but may also give you the chance to better structure your approach going forward.

Structured vs. Unstructured

The perfect day for you may be a chaotic and tiresome day for someone else. This is why it’s important to balance your travel desires around what works for your personality and the wider combined personality of those you are traveling with. The last thing you need is to regularly split up to encounter different experiences, although this can work in moderation.

The tug-of-war here is often between a structured and unstructured manner of planning your vacation experience. There are some who wish to take the vacation as it comes, or travel in a manner that enables freedom and encourages their wanderlust. Yet others may feel as though this wastes too much time, and thus the idea of careful planning, guided tours, tourist hotspots and deciding where to eat before heading into the city is important.

We would recommend that instead of following one of these principles throughout your entire travel experience, you make room for both. On one perfect day, you may wish to be culturally productive, soaking in local history, visiting landmarks, taking the time to absorb everything you can. The next day, you may decide to lay on the beach or take a lazy walk alongside the ocean with someone you love. Balance each day around a founding principle such as this, preferably with room for both, and you’ll find that your travel plans are less intensive and more open and adaptable to your needs. Give it a try, and you’ll notice the difference.

Daily Nourishment

No one can enjoy travel on an empty stomach. You’ll continually be worried about sourcing your next meal or dealing with stomach cramps, or junk food can leave you feeling lethargic and tired. It’s worth arranging a healthy intake of nourishment and staying hydrated, particularly during an active vacation.

Not only will all of this help manage your health while abroad, but it can also open you up to better culinary experiences. You may not wish to eat out every single mealtime while traveling, but engaging in local markets, trying new street food, sampling a new restaurant and getting to grips with authentic cuisine can be enlightening to say the least. The only thing that can improve a perfect day is to enjoy great food alongside it and in support of it.

Additionally, this is perhaps the only immunity we have when traveling far and wide. No matter where we travel to, how long we have been traveling for or how many disparate experiences we have had, you can never tire of good food, nor tire of the variety in which it can be found. Make a note of that, as it may just help you start to plan your next voyage.

With this advice, we hope you can fall back in love with travel, just as you deserve to.

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Falling Back In Love With Travel

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