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We’d love to share the 52 Reasons People Should Travel to Your Location!

A major focus for content for 2020-2021 is expanding our 52 Tips travel articles.  These articles feature a different location around the world with 52 of the best reasons someone must visit! 

The 52 Travel Tips Series is a collection of articles that offer a great list of what to do in locations around the world. When heading to a destination for the first time, or simply looking for the most interesting things to do on their next trip, my readers look for these articles for inspiration! Whether someone is looking for culture, history, nightlife, adventure or great food, these tips articles share the best of the best. 

Sample Post layout: 52 Best Things To Do & See in Peru

10 Perks when you Work with 52 Perfect Days:

  1. Sharing 52 Reasons to visit your location with my audience via web, social, and email!
  2. Promotion to my North American audience.
  3. An article featured on my homepage.
  4. Up to 15 images showcasing your destination.
  5. Up to 7 links to your website and/or partner websites.
  6. The article will be promoted across social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).
  7. Your destination will be featured on my Instagram Stories (when the article goes live, I’ll share 5 of the tips via 5 stories with swipe up feature to link to article) This will include tagging the brand and using hashtags of your choice.
  8. 3 dedicated Tweets tagging brand and using hashtags of your choice PLUS long term Tweets (at least once a month) will be added to my Tweet queue indefinitely.
  9. Ongoing Pins (because Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to my site) and will to your article as well!
  10. The article and your brand/business promoted to my loyal email subscribers. 

Sample Posts | A few Traffic Success Stories:

Top 12 posts have received over 413,800+ page views

The 52 Supernatural Places Of Oahu 131,659 page views  

The 52 Best Things To Do In Ireland 121, 595 page views  

52 Supernatural Places on Hawaii 75,045 page views

52 Reasons to Visit Aruba 26,453 page views 


Sample Posts | A few Social Share Success Stories:

Top 12 posts have received over 51,000+ social shares

The 52 Best Things To Do In Ireland 21,000 social shares

The 52 Supernatural Places Of Oahu 12,ooo social shares

52 Amazing Places To Hike In Chile 3,000 social shares

52 Reasons to Take a Viking Cruise 2,000 social shares

52 Reasons You Should Visit Ukraine 2,000 social shares

52 Reasons to Visit Aruba 2,000 social shares

52 Things To Do in Buenos Aires 2,000 social shares


A few partners we worked with within the last year: 

Collaboration Opportunities: I’d love to help promote your destination to my audience! We can collaborate in many ways and at several price points. If you would like to have multiple posts (such as “The Best Family Activities in a location” as well as “52 Reasons to Visit” we’d be happy to publish multiple posts.

Collaboration Rates: Only $399 for featured placement, social media, email blast and all 10 perks (listed above)!

If you’d like to have two tips pages published the fee is $600 & you’ll receive double of everything listed in the 10 perks. 

Please email me at for additional collaboration rates and for discounted rates for more than two articles.

Ready to Promote Your Location? Email me at and let me know how you’d like to collaborate and I will respond with a few simple details to confirm our collaboration.  For the 52 Tips series, you provide us with 52 tips (each 1-3 sentences), up to 15 photos and up to 7 links and we do the rest! 

Want More? Let’s Talk about a Media Visit: We’d love to talk about a visit to your location. Our 2020 content packages include video, several articles (including pre-coverage), social media before, during and after the trip, sharing articles with our email list and much more!   

Prefer a traditional review? We’d be happy to post an article provided by you or we can write a beautiful piece with your provided photos.  

52 Perfect Days Stats:

52 Perfect Days is an established website that has been around for over 10 years. We have authority in the travel space and would love to help market your destination to our travel-based audience. 

The 52 Perfect Days audience is predominantly from the United States followed by Canada and then the United Kingdom. My audience is filled with active travelers who value our tips and suggestions.

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