We’d love to hear from the Experts!

If you work in Travel PR, work for a Visitors Bureau, own a travel related business or are in any way involved in putting together press trips we’d love your feedback!

52 Perfect Days is gathering information for a new article focusing on Press Trips and FAM’s. We’d love to know how you spread the news to travel writers about your upcoming trips and new releases. 

1. On what websites do you post your Press Trips?

2. What are you looking for in writers regarding qualifications?

3. Do you accept writers for both print and web publications?

4. Ideally, how many stories do you want published from a trip per writer?

5. How often do you offer press trips/FAM’s?

Please click here to e-mail us with your answers and any other information you’d like to share!

Alexa– Editor of 52 Perfect Days